Medallion Class - OCEAN most revolutionary guest experience platform.
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Progressive brands need progressive products

OCEAN is the first ever to fully deliver on the promise of personalized experiences based on location, identity, and context.

The OCEAN Medallion and OCEAN Compass were designed to create seamless IoT integration, location-based services, and unprecedented guest service and personalization.
Launch has partnered closely with Carnival Corporation to create the world’s largest, most revolutionary guest experience platform.

Seamless Onboarding

Launch built technology that enables seamless movement throughout and beyond the ship. By enabling guests to plan their trip ahead of time and authenticate themselves at home, boarding the ship is now hassle-free: simply walk onboard as your Medallion positively identifies you to security personnel and crew.
Person starting onboarding process at home by scanning passport.Family preparing to onboard using OCEANcarnival room access

Empowering unprecedented customer service

The IoT-connected ships not only empower guests to create their dream vacation but empowers the crew to understand every moment of the customer journey. They can view real-time individual, group, and ship-wide analytics. From embarkation and boarding times, to luggage location and handling, to housekeeping and emergency management, the OCEAN Compass provides service delivery and operationalization to an unprecedented depth and scale.
carnival user interface
“Launch has been an invaluable strategic technology partner on the toughest and most critical project elements at Disney and Carnival.”
John Padgett
Chief Experience and Innovation Officer,
Carnival Corporation
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