Healthcare Apex Experience

Transformed Patient Engagement

The vision

Transform the experience

A large hospital network is out to reinvent the way patients interact with, well…everything.

The hospital system engaged Launch to create and propose a vision for the future Patient and Visitor experience, identify key opportunities for further development, and help the client roll out a pilot program. They’re leading the charge toward truly connected care.

Gather and learn

Design workshops

First, we ran a design workshop with stakeholders across the organization to better understand the patient and visitor experience.

Man looking at whiteboard

Our approach

Journey Mapping

This resulted in a visual mapping of the entire hospital system’s ecosystem. It breaks down what people are doing, touchpoints in the journey, supporting systems, thoughts and feelings, and the interactions between parts of the system.

Service blueprint example

It uses Launch’s journey mapping framework (PAER):

  • Plan
  • Arrive
  • Experience
  • Remember


Empower Innovation

A key tenet of our work was our consulting relationship with the client – our focus on empowering and supporting their teams in their work.

Doctor looking at tablet

In addition to key opportunities, we presented a custom set of design and technology principles to help strengthen innovation culture within the organization and provide practical steps in taking on new projects. Each principle is accompanied by questions to ask during consideration. 


Launch identified and presented four target experience areas with 11 specific opportunities for further development. The experience areas are pre-visit, transit, arrival, and hospitality.

Patient processing diagram

We focused on areas that would provide the best patient experience while also increasing the hospitals’ access control and security.

Together with the client, we assembled specs for a pilot of the digital patient experience management program, zeroing in an Arrival. That proof of concept is currently in progress – and it’s a strong start toward the future of healthcare.