US Area Win Room

Going above and beyond


Microsoft’s US Area Win Room collects competitive insights and other info. When properly logged and reported, those insights have the potential for far-ranging effects across the organization.

Originally, information was captured in OneNote through manual review and reporting, leading to excess time spent and inevitable human error. An improved, Excel-based solution had great initial success, but as that tool was extended and used by more and more concurrent users, the challenges of added manual hours when working with the data (and the consequent potential for human error) again became more prevalent.


The embedded Launch team knew there had to be a better way. Using the available Microsoft solutions at their disposal, they taught themselves the Power Apps infrastructure to create a set of automated ties within their existing SharePoint-based data sources. Their resulting US Area Win Room Compete Power App is an easy-to-use, Power Automate-enabled solution.


Launch wasn‘t asked to improve upon the Excel-based solution, but members of our team knew the hours (and consequently, Microsoft money) being spent to manually sort through the call notes could be better spent elsewhere. Their out-of-the-box thinking with PowerApps is bringing efficiency and time savings across the org. For going above and beyond in tangible ways for our clients, we awarded those members of our team with our prestigious Launch Innovation Award.