Lithia Motors


Lithia Motors, one of the largest automotive retailers in the United States, has one goal: providing customers across the country with an honest and simpler buying and service experience. To do that, they need to have an honest and simpler experience for their employees, too. Faced with the classic concerns of a modern Fastest Growing F500 company—data access, scalability, and security—Lithia sought a guide to help ensure they’re ready for the road ahead.


Over the course of just three months, Lithia and Launch created the entire framework and infrastructure for a data solution called the Lithia Analytical Platform. We achieved that massive undertaking with a team comprised of senior Launch resources and a developing Lithia team, who ramped up spectacularly to a brand-new system and will be the project owners going forward.


The new platform means quicker turnaround times for Lithia’s team, better-informed answers to customer questions, and higher satisfaction for users and customers. Through training and deployment, the Lithia users felt roadblocks had been removed and that there were fewer hoops to jump through. They told us it made their job easier. The platform results in significantly less work for everyone.