Confidential Computing:
the final frontier

The rocket ship is taking off. Will you be on board?

Safeguarding proprietary and sensitive data is so important, companies often effectively lock it up and throw away the key. But that data could catapult your business to greater success--if only you could use it securely.
We aren't just talking about making money. We're talking about curing cancer. We're talking about predicting the next global pandemic. Detecting insider trading and money laundering. Preventing wildfires. Changing the future.
Let's explore the final frontier together
"This is real. You guys did it."

We’re leading the expedition with BeeKeeperAI and their global tech partners.

Everyone in the AI/ML space is buzzing about BeeKeeperAI, which is accelerating healthcare AI through a secure collaboration platform for algorithm owners and data stewards. Launch is helping build that zero-trust platform, which will allow for truly confidential computing.
“The cure to cancer isn't a magic drug or a pill," says Ravi Patel, Global Technical Product Manager for Kheiron Medical Technologies. "It's going to be catching 99.9% of people in stage one, because in stage one there's a very low chance of the worst happening. AI is a way for us to pull that forward and get to that point quicker.”
We're envisioning that future, and we're going after it.
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Right now, building a zero-trust platform takes 3 years and $5 million. We’re doing it in half the time, for half the money.

BeeKeeperAI's mission is just the beginning. Imagine what you could innovate in your industry if you could use all the user data you collect in a secure and powerful way.

If you have a strong desire to do something with your data, but the risks have so far outweighed the potential benefits, this is the key to creating an environment where your ideas can thrive.
More than simply keeping data-in-use safe, confidential computing unlocks previously unreachable data configurations. As Launch Confidential Computing Lead Charles Cozad puts it:

"When you have a system that no one can see into, and you can bring together data that you've never been able to have side by side, that's where the magic happens."

Get excited. Get invested. Let's get to work.

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