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Future State of Data Workshop

Your AI transformation begins now.

When you harness the power of data and AI, you make better decisions, enhance experiences, and unlock new ways to save and make money. The first step toward that future: develop your vision.
How do you define the Future State of your org’s data so you can take advantage of the opportunities of AI? To navigate forward, you need to know where you are. This 2-3 hour workshop will get you moving.
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Why book this workshop?

This workshop is for you if:

  • You’re dissatisfied with your ability to capture, verify, govern, or leverage your org’s data and want to be data-powered
  • You see an opportunity to use your data and AI to create a new revenue stream, but aren’t sure how to proceed
  • You've run into roadblocks on your journey to data transformation and need an approach that works specifically for your goals and needs

Here's why now is the time:

  • Data is scaling faster and to greater volume than ever. 90% of the world’s data was created within the last 2 years alone.
  • Data is growing more diverse and unstructured, testing storage capabilities and obscuring insights.
  • Data is disconnected. 80% of companies reports moderate to high degrees of siloed information.

Future State of Data Workshop: What to expect

Sit down with the sharpest minds in data, AI, philosophy, and strategy for an interactive working session. During this 2-3 hour consultation, you'll envision your next 2-3 years of data transformation.

You'll leave this workshop with:

1. A stated Future State of Data vision your org can rally around

2. A Future State Guide outlining key areas of data your org should focus on over the next 1-3 years

3. Clear next step(s) to get started on your data and AI transformation
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Phase 1

  • We’ll start by capturing key elements of your Future State, balanced against the constraints of your organization
  • Next, we’ll use a framework to identify the most important things to do to reach that Future State

Phase 2

  • Priorities identified, we’ll move into planning mode with a journey mapping exercise
  • We'll define the key players who create and consume your data, and determine where they're aligned and disconnected

Phase 3

  • Finally, we’ll conduct an assessment to determine your org’s readiness level for these next steps
  • We'll touch on the cornerstones of strategy, tech, processes, and, most importantly, people

Why should we trust Launch when it comes to data transformation?

Great question. Here’s some data from our 15-year history of helping clients across Sectors put their data to work.
+30% revenue
By modernizing their data platform and digital experience, we helped a global footwear retailer kick their earnings into high gear.
+167% accuracy
Through AI and ML, we helped a Fortune 50 healthcare insurer take their provider data from 36% highly accurate to 96% highly accurate.
-7 hrs per day
We helped a global tech institution turn financial data from across their global footprint into a single daily view for the CEO in minutes - saving 7 hours of executive wait time every day.
Here’s how we helped a global telecom giant create a new digital business based on customer data that made $2b in the first year...and built it in <6 months.
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