Evolving tech and global safety standards require quick pivots

The tech industry is committed to advancing digital safety consistent with an open, free, and secure internet. As a product leader, you can ensure compliance within your group by leveraging cost-effective, proven tools and services that align with industry best practices.

Change in legislation is forcing internet-based companies to adapt quickly and remove nefarious and unexpected content, moderate ongoing engagement, and ensure the platform is used for good—to build community and human connection. Machine Learning and AI-based systems must be tapped to handle the volume of data. With expertise in data science and AI and proven success in helping policy leaders enforce terms of service, Launch is positioned to help you navigate the challenges of content moderation.

User-generated content moderation has shifted from “nice to have” to “must have"

Errant content and behavior is hard to detect because of the dynamic nature of language. Platforms weren’t designed to recognize and respond accordingly, and perpetrators often operate from well-honed playbooks designed to get around human-led moderation practices. In Europe and Asia, significant fines and penalties are imposed on companies for housing illegal user-generated content, and these governance policies are expanding to the rest of the world.

Launch’s Rapid Digital Safety Health Assessment works within your platform’s unique products and services to highlight terrorism and violent extremism content, hate speech, and online child sexual exploitation. Show your customers and teams how important safety is to your platform, that the challenge is solvable, and that you are committed to being an industry leader in doing so.