August 23, 2022

Davood for Thought Season Highlight - Part 1

Didn’t get a chance to catch the full season of Davood for Thought? Check out part 1 of our season highlights here with host and Government Sector Lead Davood Ghods! In this special roundup, leaders within the Government tech space share insights on digital transformation in the public and private sectors. Part 1 covers episodes with guests: 1. Steve Monighan, CIO and Director of General Services Agencies for Nevada County, CA 2. Kyle Katt, Chief Experience Officer at Launch Consulting 3. Michael J Hingson, Chief Vision Officer at accessiBe 4. Joe Panora, CEO and Owner of Panora Associates 5. Jeff Frazier, VP and Head of Global Public Sector at Snowflake Stay tuned for part 2!


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