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Digital Business Transformation Studio

Inflated budget. False starts. Wasted time. Burnt-out people. Are you as tired of misaligned "solutions" as we are? Launch’s Digital Business Transformation Studio helps you realize the promise of your digital investments, moving away from simply using tools and toward transforming the way your entire business works.

Digital Business Transformation is about guiding modernization strategies around all the things you do as a company, then maximizing achievement in all those areas.

Studio Disciplines

  • Agile Transformation
  • Digital Delivery Management
  • Human Experience Design
  • Product Strategy & Analysis
  • Creative Services
of customers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences.
higher profits are realized by digitally mature companies than their less-mature peers.

From disruption to evolution,
pick your path to AI transformation.

Transformation’s not a project. It’s a process, and it's different for every organization. Whether you're looking to reinvent, disrupt, or evolve, developing your ability to perpetually pivot and grow is the key to beating your competition.
Every org has a unique mix of culture, challenges, customers, and destination. That’s why we don’t believe in a “transformation solution.” Instead, we help your team transform your capabilities so you can create the future you envision.
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Embrace AI and accelerate your business transformation to succeed in the digital world.

Every company on the planet must embrace AI to thrive in the coming years. That's the AI imperative. Instead of installing one more tool, use the opportunity of the AI imperative to fully transform the way your business operates.

Launch guides you through new strategies to augment your teams, increase your productivity, and elevate your products. By transforming how you offer your products and services, you can create the AI First future you envision.
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The Human Impact Studio creates meaningful experiences for consumers and organizational teams. From conception through execution, IRL, or in the metaverse - our unique disciplines are crafted to transform the way you do business.
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Disciplines & capabilities

Digital Business Transformation Disciplines

Showcase what’s special about your business. Blend modern ways of working with technology and data-driven insights in ways that empower your best asset - your team - to respond to competition and opportunities at all levels.

The Digital Business Transformation Studio focuses on four core disciplines:

Agile Transformation

Keeping an edge in an evolving business landscape requires trust, guidance, and company buy-in.

We partner with you to evolve your organizational structures and technology enablers so that your people are comfortable making the choice to do something different and harness the power of agility.

Organizational Agility

Guiding your org through lean business operations, lean-thinking leaders, and mindset and principle framework

Lean Portfolio Management

Helping you harness strategic agility investments, evolve programs and suppliers, and implement lean governance models

Value Management Office

Enabling your transformation through value-based research, investment forecasting, and technology platform alignment

Digital Delivery Management

Complex technology initiatives require thoroughly vetted management and delivery. Planning, organizing, and coordinating the delivery of digital products and serivces to customers helps ensure a great experience for them.

We provide structured project management to translate your vision into a concrete delivery plan, through implementation and beyond.

Technical Program Management

Planning, managing, and delivering technology projects that start with your business vision and objectives

Program Management Office (PMO)

Establishing a community inside your org to standardize project management and delivery operations

Delivery Governance

Flexible frameworks that provide structure for decision-making, communication, prioritization, and risk management

Human Experience Design

Whether on screen or in person, creating memorable experiences is key to attracting and retaining customers.  

We partner with you to create engaging and memorable experiences for your target audience, whether it's through digital interfaces, physical spaces, or products.

Experience Strategy

Comprehensive strategy development, including end-to-end user journey, engagement, and conversion

Digital Interaction & Visual Design

Intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, including compelling brand visual design and messaging


Creating experience prototypes that are tested with real users to identify areas for improvement

Creative Direction & Concept

Developing and producing media that effectively communicates brand messaging to your target audiences

Product Strategy & Analysis

Strengthen your competitive edge in the market by setting your value proposition apart - and maximizing that differentiation.

By expanding the boundaries of the products, organization, and market, you work in, you can avoid the threat of disruption and create the future you imagine, instead of being part of someone else’s.

Product Management as a Service

Acting as your external product arm to manage existing product lifecycles while you invent and innovate new ones

Capability Commercialization

Unlocking new growth engines within your organizationas capabilities to create new revenue streams and expand your customer base

Product Innovation & Strategy

Validating market fit and creating viable business models for your ideas so you can expand your portfolio

Product Leadership Coaching

Developing skills in talent acquisition, high-performance team-building, capability development, and culture development

Creative Services

Don't miss out on your share of the market. Meet your audiences where they’re at: on digital multimedia platforms. Sharing your vision through video and other multimedia connects people faster and more personally.

We help you put together a creative strategy that gets your message out in a bold way, tells your story of transformation, and leaves a lasting mark on the people you need to reach.
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Video Production

Scripting, storyboarding, filming, and editing engaging and thought-provoking videos that help you cut through the noise and stand out

3D Motion Graphics & Animation

Eye-catching animated ways to get your story out and help communicate messages that might otherwise be difficult to explain

Visual Design

Showing - not telling - your story through compelling imagery with unique graphic design, brand and logo development, photography, website design, and more


Carving your niche and spotlighting your unique business perspective with the fastest growing media platform in the world

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