The Launch brand is led by a mix of people from the Launch Creative Studio, the Marketing team, and the Sales Enablement team. With experience spread across visual communications, Launch-branded materials, and Launch sales pursuit assets, the team has done their best to deliver a flexible, easy-to-apply set of guidelines for all Launch employees to apply equally.

The Launch brand will never reach a “done” state. Our most frequently asked questions are answered below, but if you have a question still unanswered, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Dos and Don’ts of the Launch Brand


  • Do follow the guidelines and use the provided resources and approved assets.
  • Do help maintain brand consistency and uniformity by respecting the original arrangement, spacing, and colors.
  • Do preserve the shape, structure, and integrity when using brand assets.
  • Do use assets at recommended sizes and ensure they are clear and legible at all sizes.


  • Don’t recreate or manipulate the Launch brand assets in any way.
  • Don’t source brand assets from anywhere else except the approved assets within the Launch SharePoint.
  • Don’t use the Launch brand and its assets on anything that contradicts the brand values.
  • Don’t use the Launch logo in place of the word Launch in a sentence.


Who should use the Launch brand site?

Everyone who works for Launch should use this site. It's a great way to get familiar with the company and find whatever assets you need. Basically, it makes your life easier.

What types of content will I find here?

The Launch brand site is the “place of truth.” All evergreen branding-related information lives here. If you need seasonal branding assets, contact launchbrand@launchcg.com.

Can I use an old Launch, Strive, Rokster, or Future State logo?

Please do not create any new assets that use an old logo. If the new Launch logos aren’t working for you, contact launchbrand@launchcg.com for help in updating your documents.

Can I use my own colors, designs, or PowerPoint templates?

Specifically, nope.

How can I get a video made?

We love videos! Reach out to creativestudio@launchcg.com if you have a video idea or request! Make sure your request includes ROI goals and budget limitations.

I’d like my group / team / project to feel unique. Can I create a logo for them based on the Launch brand?

The Launch wordmark, un, and gradient colors are reserved specifically for the Launch parent brand. These should not be modified or added to for any purpose. Please direct any questions about this policy to launchbrand@launchcg.com.

I have an idea for a Navigator article, blog post, or Micro Learning. Where can I send it?

We love it when our Navigators share thought leadership! Send your suggestions to marketing@launchcg.com.

Where do I find case studies?

Case Studies are available in the Launch Sharepoint. If you can’t find the case study you need, or you’d like to have a new case study created, contact launchbrand@launchcg.com.

How do I get swag?

At our company store! Visit https://launchcompanystore.com to purchase custom Launch items for your personal use. If you're a manager looking to award a teammate for a job well done or a leader overseeing a contest, reach out to marketing@launchcg.com for promo codes that can be used at the store. If you're attending a conference or hosting an event and need swag ordered, please contact marketing@launchcg.com and make sure to include your budget and projector code.

I’m going to an in-person event, can I get business cards made?

Yes! But you’ll need Business Unit approval first. Contact lcg-frontdesk@launchcg.com for help.

I have feedback, where can I send it?

We’d love to hear from you! Contact launchbrand@launchcg.com.

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the guidelines?

Please reach out to launchbrand@launchcg.com with any questions.