The swoosh. The siren. The un. Brand recognition starts with a bold logo that stands out from the page and  the crowd. From full name treatments to our trademarked un, we’ve got a Launch logo for all your digital needs.

The wordmark

The wordmark is for cases where a Launch logo is needed but lacks additional context, or it’s the first time the audience sees the Launch logo. This is the only Launch logo that’s readable and recognizable to anyone not already familiar with Launch.

Launch logo with gradient


Launch logo black on white background


Launch logo white on dark background


The Launch un

The un, the joined “u” and “n” that appears in the middle of the Launch wordmark above, is our differentiator. It evokes a sense of connection and balance - vital to both the tech we build and the way we live our lives.

There are many forms of the un mark (logo) available to use, so long as it’s used in concert with the Launch Consulting name in text or other indicators of Launch.

Launch UN color variants


Launch UN black and white variants on light background


Launch UN black and white variants on dark background


Note: the Launch un mark should never be seen with a solid white background surrounding a non-white un.

Logo construction and clearspace

The logo is provided in color (gradient), black, and white versions in each of the variations above. There should never be a need to recreate the un by pulling it out of the wordmark, or to recreate a bordered un by drawing a box around the unbordered version. Always come back to the Launch Brand site if the proper logo is not on hand.

When you use the Launch logo, it’s important to include breathing room. That way, it stands out and is readable. For all versions of the un, the clearspace is equal to 2x the width of either end of the un. For the wordmark, it is equal to the width of the un in the middle of the wordmark.

Luckily for you, we’ve built the clearspace into the logo files, so you don’t have to memorize the dimensions of the un. Just make sure no other elements are inside the borders of your logo. Easy!

Launch logo clear space

Clearspace shown in light blue

Logo usage

In most cases, the first logo appearance in any piece of Launch collateral should be the Launch wordmark. The un can be used for all subsequent logo needs. And if the Launch logo appears on many pages in a row, lean on the black or white bordered versions to avoid gradient overuse.

The color versions of the logo should only be used on very light or very dark backgrounds.

Launch logo treatments on light and dark backgrounds

The full color logo may appear on top of a photograph, but only if it sits on a very light or very dark area of the image. Avoid using the bordered and unbordered un on busy backgrounds.


Launch logo wordmark correct treatmentLaunch logo outline UN correct treatmentLaunch logo UN correct treatment


Launch logo wordmark incorrect treatmentLaunch logo outline UN incorrect treatmentLaunch logo UN incorrect treatment

Download logo files here