Photography and iconography are a foundational part of the Launch brand expression. How we choose and apply them is key to the integrity of our brand. And that means NO group high-fives.


Photography is immediate. It’s the first thing a reader sees. The tone of your carefully chosen colors, fonts, and words can all be overlooked — or worse, misunderstood — if they’re paired with a bad photo.

Every photo featured in a Launch communication should answer a simple question: Does this photo feel like Launch? Is there action? Are there bold colors? Does it evoke feelings of exploration and discovery and charging forward? Is it people-oriented? Photos should be exciting and stirring! If you’re presenting about your clients awesome new data platform, don’t think “guy working on a laptop.” Find a picture that represents how your clients feel when they use their new platform.

Photos should also reflect our global diversity when people, cities, and other recognizable elements are featured. Lean into gender, age, ability, and racial variety in group photos and across multiple photos in a single document.

Avenir Next LT Pro, the Launch brand typeface

Royalty-free photo resources like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay are great places to source images for your documents. But when picking your images, keep in mind that Launch is not your typical consulting company, and we don’t want our photography to feel typical, clichéd, or staged. Also, no clip art (no matter what Clippy says).

Avenir Next LT Pro, the Launch brand typeface


The Launch brand doesn’t use icons heavily, but they can be a nice way to liven up an otherwise unadorned or copy-dense page. Like our fonts, our icons leverage our free-to-use Microsoft Office 365 libraries. All Office apps come with a library of stock icons to choose from. They’re built into the apps – simply search for an icon based on any relevant term.

Avenir Next LT Pro, the Launch brand typeface

Color your icons with flat colors only, and in a way that works well with the rest of the content on your page (see the Color page for more help on that). Remember, the gradient is reserved only for the Launch logo and as a full-bleed background on title slides in a presentation.