Our typeface is an important extension of our brand expression, ensuring the words we use consistently show up loud and clear. By following these typographic standards, we maintain a high-quality appearance and help Launch avoid disjointed or broken communications.

Brand Typeface

Our brand typeface family is Avenir Next LT Pro. It has the right amount of flexibility to perfectly capture our different brand values, and it is embedded in the Microsoft 365 Suite by default. As a Microsoft Office-based organization, every Launch employee has the font available to them on day one.

Avenir Next LT Pro, the Launch brand typeface

Please use Avenir Next LT Pro for all writing that uses languages rooted in the Latin alphabet (such as English and Spanish). If Avenir Next LT Pro does not support the character set you need in your document, please choose a Microsoft 365-embedded alternative that has a similar look and feel to the design of Avenir Next LT Pro.

Font weights

Avenir Next LT Pro comes in six standard weights. Launch is big on bold, so we lean heavily on the bold and regular font weights in most communications:

Headlines and larger text is set in Avenir Next LT Pro Bold and Avenir Next LT Pro Bold Italic. Body copy and smaller text is set in Avenir Next LT Pro and Avenir Next LT Pro Italic.

Avenir Next LT Pro Light and Light Italic should not be used. They don't meet our accessibility standards.

Character spacing and line spacing

In all cases, character spacing should remain set at “normal”.

“Normal” character spacing

Not “normal” character spacing

Line spacing varies depending on usage. Generally, paragraph text, such as in our Letterhead and Word Doc Proposal templates, requires a slightly open line height for easier readability. These Launch templates have the line spacing set at “Multiple” and “1.08,” which adds 8% more space between lines.

Bold, large headlines, such as the slide titles in our PowerPoint templates, require slightly compressed line spacing. These templates have the line spacing on headlines set at “Multiple” and “.95,” or 5% less space between lines.

Paragraph line spacing

Headline line spacing

When in doubt, the default “Single” line spacing setting will suffice.