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Meet Charlene Coleman, Modern Finance Maven

Charlene Coleman, Modern Finance Sector Leader

Charlene Coleman leads Launch Consulting’s Modern Finance sector, helping CFO teams and IT Finance leadership transform the finance function into its final form: the digital future of business. CFOs face tremendous pressure as they navigate a slew of obstacles, including compliance requirements, regulatory reforms, market instability, manual errors, and cyber threats. 

What is Modern Finance?

Under Charlene, Modern Finance focuses on the use of robotic process automation(RPA), AI, and ML to enable flexible and dynamic forecast planning and budgeting, real-time performance management, and executive insights. The results: reduced waste and redundancy, which frees up finance team capacity. 

Building the Future Through Intelligent Data

Charlene came to Launch through the acquisition of 110 Consulting, where she had been a part of the sales and business center of excellence for six years. She also has a strong business and sales foundation built up over 18 years at Microsoft. But her prowess and passion are in data analytics—specifically, in creating value at the intersection of technology, data strategy, data science, and customer experience. 

In Charlene’s eyes, the CFO is the Chief Future Officer. Through the power of digital literacy and intelligent strategy, Modern Finance clients drive better decisions beyond the bottom line.

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