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Financial Services & Insurance

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Financial Services & Insurance Drive Future Economic Growth

We're redefining the CFO as the Chief Future Officer. Top Priorities for CFOs in 2022 include developing digital skills, restructuring finance to support digital, improving flexibility of budgeting and forecasting, and improving the return on enterprise digital investments.

Help your business map the future, improve profitability, and secure top talent to accelerate digital transformation. Our approach: a strategic union of people, process, data, and technology. Your result: a better bottom line.
Intelligent Forecasting

Navigate the Future.
Link Decisions to Profitability.

Navigating to a profitable tomorrow requires continuous and intelligent forecasting. New external factors like persistent inflation and global supply-chain constraints will overwhelm forecast teams that don't leverage automation, AI, and machine learning. So today's Chief Future Officer must boldly lead digital transformation throughout the company.
Our Digital Finance Planning & Analytics Assessment determines the baseline of your current state and ignites your company's journey to intelligent forecasting with a clear ROI. We’ll model scenarios that map the future impact of what matters most, enabling you to make decisions that will improve your business outcomes.
Learn More About the FP&A Assessment
get the insights that matter

Reporting & Analytics

Does your finance team suffer from low-value, out-of-date reports? Then you might be navigating with the rearview mirror.

Sophisticated, AI-powered analytics enable the deep, real-time insights required for financial officers to excel as strategic advisors who create value for the business. 

Our Advanced Analytics tools, like Power BI, capture and validate data from across the company, including sales, operations, and finance, and build on it with third-party data to provide insights focused on your strategic priorities. 
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improve your time:value ratio

Intelligent Process Automation

Your time is valuable. You shouldn’t waste it on tasks that can easily be automated. According to Accenture, in five of the eight major types of finance work, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)and AI can automate more than 80 percent of activities.

With AI/ML tools like RPA to take over those time-consuming finance and accounting tasks and automate repeatable processes, you can maintain quality control and regulatory adherence - while spending your time creating the future of your business. That's a major competitive advantage.

Learn more about RPA through our online comic book, Robots to the Rescue!
set up the ultimate future team - now

Upskilling & Hiring

Growing and retaining a high performing team is a top priority for our clients, but traditional strategies can take a long time to bear fruit. Launch can help you identify a strategy for building the capabilities of your team through a mix of upskilling, recruiting, and placement services.

Launch’s Human Performance Team can help you create and manage a sustainable upskilling program that augments your team’s existing skills and expertise with the data, analytical thinking, and consulting skills that are the hallmark of today’s top talent.  With ongoing investment in your team, you can close gaps you have now and drive innovation for the future. 

The Finance market is flooded with digital-savvy talent that bring deep analytic and data science skills.  In a highly competitive talent market, our recruiting, and placement professionals are uniquely successful at identifying and landing top talent.   
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Offerings & capabilites

Finance & Insurance Offerings

In this industry, the power of digital literacy and intelligent strategy means driving better decisions beyond the bottom line. To mitigate those constantly changing variables, such as compliance requirements, market instability, manual errors, and cyber threats, our navigators combine data road mapping with advanced analytics to put your organization’s vision into focus.

Digital FP&A Maturity Assessment

Modern realities require the Finance Planning & Analytics function to focus on value creation by building capabilities that provide business insights and drive informed decision-making that can become a source of competitive advantage for the company.  

This assessment tool drives understanding of the current state of the FP&A function and helps determine a clear path forward based on existing and emerging expectations of stakeholders.

Strategy & Design
Design Thinking – Quick Start Workshop

What is the business value and ROI of bringing Modern Finance into your business? Beginning with a strategic vision session, this workshop focuses first on the problems to be solved while identifying business and analytical goals.

We’ll partner with you to establish your unique Digital Business Value and ROI model, then pinpoint the priority areas for Intelligent Operations.

We then build a high-level road map to quick start MVP backlogs with expert insight from our intelligent operations team.

Value Creation
Centers of Excellence

Launch’s Modern Analytics Centers of Excellence framework is designed to dramatically increase business agility across enterprise corporations.  

Our goal is to architect, stand-up, operationalize and run the CoE(s) while partnering to ensure your company has the capability to take over all aspects of the CoE(s) based on your schedule.  

Our hybrid approach allows for in-person or virtual instruction to combine oversight, PMO, standardization, strategic change management, learning, and the production of reusable assets including FP&A operations, self-service insights, advanced analytics, intelligent forecasts, and data science.

The Finance & Insurance Sector focuses on three main capabilities:

Strategy Consulting

  • Management Reporting
  • Self-Service Dashboard
  • Reporting & Scorecards
  • Insight-Ready Master Data Management

Advanced Analytics

  • Intelligent, Continuous Forecasting
  • Scenario & Driver Based Planning
  • AI/ML
  • Cloud Migration

Human In The Loop Automation

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP w/OCR-OIR)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Business Process Automation

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