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Driving Future Economic Growth

Navigating the Financial Services and Insurance sectors requires leveraging cutting-edge capabilities to drive future economic growth, enhance digital skills, optimize financial structures, and improve forecasting flexibility. Our data and AI-powered solutions enable intelligent forecasting, sophisticated analytics, and process automation, ensuring a higher return on digital investments. By uniting AI technology with people, processes, and data, we help businesses secure top talent and achieve a better bottom line through strategic digital transformation.
87% of insurers believe that AI will improve underwriting processes, underscoring its importance in enhancing decision-making and risk assessment​.
54% of insurance CEOs will make significant investments in AI in 2024
72% of senior bank executives reported that their organization’s risk management strategies have not kept pace with the evolving risk landscape.
Intelligent Forecasting

Navigate the Future.
Link Decisions to Profitability.

Navigating to a profitable tomorrow requires continuous and intelligent forecasting. New external factors like persistent inflation and global supply-chain constraints will overwhelm forecast teams that don't leverage automation, AI, and machine learning. So today's Chief Future Officer must boldly lead digital transformation throughout the company.
Our Digital Finance Planning & Analytics Assessment determines the baseline of your current state and ignites your company's journey to intelligent forecasting with a clear ROI. We’ll model scenarios that map the future impact of what matters most, enabling you to make decisions that will improve your business outcomes.
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Financial Services & Insurance Services and Solutions

Digital literacy and intelligent strategy drive better decisions beyond the bottom line. To mitigate constantly changing variables like compliance requirements, market instability, manual errors, and cyber threats, our navigators combine AI-driven data road mapping with advanced analytics. This approach leverages our capabilities to enhance decision-making processes, reduce risks, and put your organization’s vision into sharp focus.

Our Financial Services & Insurance Solutions

Data & AI Transformation

Helping our clients establish their financial data platform, apply AI, leverage fintech tools, and build data-powered applications.

Enterprise Transformation

Leveraging fintech, data, and change management solutions to help our clients reach their future state.

Customer Experience Transformation

Building financial data platforms, applications, and services to help our clients enhance customer experiences, drive revenue growth, and increase loyalty.

Infrastructure and Operational Transformation

Helping our clients re-platform their business through strategy, AI, data science, and process and organizational design.

Self-Assessment: What's Your Data Maturity Stage?

Jumpstart your data journey with our free mini-assessment. Understand where your organization stands on the data maturity scale - Strategizing, Equipping, Integrating, or Innovating - and discover your next steps to fully harness the power of data.

What You Bring

  • Leaders and teams ready to evaluate and improve your data practices.
  • Openness to identifying strengths and areas for growth in your data culture.
  • Commitment to leveraging insights for strategic decision-making.

What We Do Together

  • Evaluate your organization's current data maturity stage.
  • Identify key data-related goals and opportunities for growth.
  • Provide tailored recommendations to enhance your data culture and capabilities.

What You Get

  • Clear understanding of your organization's data maturity stage.
  • Insights into how to build a stronger organizational data culture.
  • Actionable next steps to leverage data for strategic growth.
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We offer three packaged engagement models to help you turn your vision into the next amazing experience.


4-6 weeks

Assessment for companies that already have an understanding of their market and opportunity


6-8 weeks

Engagement with our cross-functional team, for companies that need to evolve their business or solution


8-12 weeks

Technology and solution-agnostic engagement, to tackle complicated strategic business problems

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