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Creating Customer-Centric Experiences that Delight

Modern consumers expect fast, straightforward, and personalized experiences from start to finish. Whether your business is a big-box grocer or an up-and-coming sneaker chain, brands looking to bridge the gap between traditional retail experiences and true innovation must integrate AI-driven digital transformation into their market strategy.
Market research firm IDC reports that the retail sector ranks second among all industries globally in its spending on AI technologies.
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Launch currently does business with 5 of the top 10 and 30 of the top 100 retailers in the United States
NRF forecasts that retail sales will increase between 2.5% and 3.5% to between $5.23 trillion and $5.28 trillion in 2024.
Intelligent Forecasting

Navigate the Future.
Link Decisions to Profitability.

Navigating to a profitable tomorrow requires continuous and intelligent forecasting. New external factors like persistent inflation and global supply-chain constraints will overwhelm forecast teams that don't leverage automation, AI, and machine learning. So today's Chief Future Officer must boldly lead digital transformation throughout the company.
Our Digital Finance Planning & Analytics Assessment determines the baseline of your current state and ignites your company's journey to intelligent forecasting with a clear ROI. We’ll model scenarios that map the future impact of what matters most, enabling you to make decisions that will improve your business outcomes.
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Retail Services and Solutions

Our modern approach to retail focuses on forging lasting relationships through unforgettable experiences by taking a holistic approach to data and digital transformation. We seamlessly integrate customers, processes, and technology, providing fast, personalized, and unique experiences for consumers while equipping employees with the tools and knowledge to succeed. Our expertise includes robust shrink management, advanced RFID inventory tracking, and comprehensive learning and development programs guiding you through best practices to ensure lasting success in a digital-first environment.

Our Retail Solutions

Data & AI Transformation

Helping our clients empower their business and understand their customers through data visualization, advanced analytics, and leveraging AI techniques.

Enterprise Transformation

Leveraging future state organizational design and change management techniques to streamline our client’s operational execution while empowering the business agility needed to take advantage of market opportunities.

Customer Experience Transformation

Working with our clients to build world-class differentiating experiences for their customers and leaving them with best practices to continue evolving their brand experiences

Infrastructure and Operational Transformation

Helping our clients operate more efficiently through technology enablement, process automation, data strategy, and organizational change adoption.

Try the Retail AI Transformation Workshop!

Jumpstart your AI journey with our Retail AI Transformation Workshop. This offering is designed to help your team quickly leverage AI for better insights, efficiency, and strategic growth.

What You Bring

  • Leaders, sponsors, and change champions ready to unlock opportunity and prioritize investments.
  • Inspiration, openness, and time commitment.
  • IT admin dedication to deploy and configure the AI platform in a way that works best for you.

What We Do Together

  • Get leaders and key stakeholders aligned on AI objectives.
  • Conduct interviews, surveys, and workshops to baseline AI maturity.
  • Deploy and train AI technology, as well as verify new ways of working.
  • Define governance and ongoing next steps.

What You Get

  • Data-driven insights to improve productivity and performance.
  • Improved understanding between leaders and employees.
  • Teams aligned with organizational goals and strategic priorities.
  • An actionable, bought-in plan for next steps.
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Pick your Vision Mapping plan...

We offer three packaged engagement models to help you turn your vision into the next amazing experience.


4-6 weeks

Assessment for companies that already have an understanding of their market and opportunity


6-8 weeks

Engagement with our cross-functional team, for companies that need to evolve their business or solution


8-12 weeks

Technology and solution-agnostic engagement, to tackle complicated strategic business problems

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