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Enterprise Technology

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Tech Solutions for Global Scale

Enterprise technology companies drive innovation, digital transformation, and vision for clients around the world. Through cultural shifts and development at the infrastructure and enterprise application level, organizations like yours deliver a secure and scalable global environment.

You have robust innovative strategies in place for your clients, and you deserve the same. We understand the demands of large-scale transformation, and use a holistic approach to bridge the gap between vision and next-gen action for your organization.
Intelligent Forecasting

Navigate the Future.
Link Decisions to Profitability.

Navigating to a profitable tomorrow requires continuous and intelligent forecasting. New external factors like persistent inflation and global supply-chain constraints will overwhelm forecast teams that don't leverage automation, AI, and machine learning. So today's Chief Future Officer must boldly lead digital transformation throughout the company.
Our Digital Finance Planning & Analytics Assessment determines the baseline of your current state and ignites your company's journey to intelligent forecasting with a clear ROI. We’ll model scenarios that map the future impact of what matters most, enabling you to make decisions that will improve your business outcomes.
Learn More About the FP&A Assessment
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Enterprise Technology - Crafted for People

Businesses like yours power innovation. But you’ve got your own challenges as you transform to meet modern demands.

Finding the right people to invent the next generation of tech has never been more difficult. You need new outside viewpoints to complement and challenge your team’s. You must find new ways to automate tasks to optimize time-to-value and promote productivity. You’re looking for new ways do more with less. Without these, your company can’t compete at the edge of the enterprise tech frontier.

Whether you need carefully crafted customer experiences or digital mapping to drive burgeoning initiatives, partnering with Launch enables you to evolve alongside your org’s most important assets: your employees, customers, and partners.


Cloud Innovation

We have the expertise in modern, disruptor, and horizon technologies to help you pioneer the next gen of cloud today...and transform the way the world does business tomorrow.

Cloud innovation strategy must include ways to enable and enhance experiences, drive data strategy and decision-making, and power computing infrastructures.
  • Data modeling - AI/ML/RPA
  • Data optimization
  • Power BI/Power Automate
  • Edge architecture
  • IoT
  • Intelligent operations
  • Blockchain

Future of Work

Three top goals for digital transformation are to reduce operational inefficiency, transform existing business processes, and increase innovation. The solution: a correctly skilled, optimized, and engaged workforce.

Reimagine the collaborative hybrid workplace. Develop a thriving, customized environment for your audiences; attract, upskill, and retain employees; and grow through innovation.
  • Organizational effectiveness and strategy
  • Talent acquisition and talent acceleration
  • Learning and development/upskilling
  • Change management
  • Hybrid work development
  • Customer and partner experience platforms
  • Employee experience

Global Data Governance

Global companies must work at the behest of global compliance and regulation. Governing third-party data is a major investment for tech companies for 2023 as teams and audiences become ever more distributed.

Preparing ahead of impending legislation is the best way to avoid service disruption and costly penalties, but it’s a huge lift. Launch has experience helping large enterprises treat data and tech in ways defined by international laws and regulations.
  • Data security
  • International privacy/regulatory compliance
  • Confidential computing
  • Zero trust
  • Data governance according to evolving legislation
  • Third-party data management
  • Data for good - content moderation


of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud by 2025.


of organizations say they either are experiencing skill gaps now or expect them within five years.

27 B

connected IoT devices will exist by 2025, despite headwinds of inflation and labor/materials shortages.


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“These are the companies perfecting the use of data to make informed decisions that drive business growth.”
Marcia Green
Sector Lead, Enterprise

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