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Transforming Healthcare

When people interact with the healthcare system, it's usually during times of stress. With connected healthcare, your business can help relieve some pain for everyone. Digitization and secure storage of data give your team access to the records you need, when you need them. (No more deciphering doctors' handwriting!)
But consider the impact you could make if you could take healthcare beyond the hospital - like Philips did with their app-based mobile ultrasound. You have the people and the data you need. We can help you figure out the tech. Let's make everyone's experience the picture of health.
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San Francisco, California

Google Cloud Hero

Andover, Massachusetts

Philips Lumify


Revolutionizing Retail

Now more than ever, you need to connect the dots between physical locations and online systems. That starts with creating a backend that empowers stores with the right data at the right time - enabling efficiency for inventory, production lines, logistics, and more.
Already there? It's time to think about creating, optimizing, and personalizing digital experiences that make your customers more loyal than ever. Imagine being the next company to launch something like Starbucks MobilePay. Launch can help you get there.
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Seattle, Washington

Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay

Miami, Florida

Carnival Medallion Class


Humanizing High Tech

The tech industry has connected people around the world. Now, it's time to zero in and connect with each individual customer. Revolutionary tech must center on human experience. For your company, that means leveraging your ability to translate, deliver, and maximize analytics to pave the way for dynamic platforms that delight your customers.
How could you use your data in new ways to reach further? Imagine launching a global initiative like Telecom Infra Project (TIP), who we helped mobilize data, tech, and people around the world with the aim of giving 3.5 billion new people access to internet. Let's transform your customers' experience from personal, to proactive, to permanent fixture in their lives.
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Palo Alto, California

Telecom Infra Project

Orlando, Florida

Disney MagicBand+