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Launch focuses only on Sectors where we have deep expertise and experience. From healthcare AI to digital transformation in retail, your individual objectives plus our deep knowledge equals powerful acceleration toward your goals.


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About Healthcare

Every day, new innovations are digitizing and personalizing the healthcare experience—building an ecosystem that improves communication, verifies insurance and provider data, automates processes, empowers healthcare workers and their patients, bolsters security, and enables decision-making.

Technology is ready to create a better human experience for everyone in the healthcare system. Are you ready to lead the industry into the next generation of healthcare?

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About Consumer

The Consumer Sector is no longer just about great products. We help you combine revolutionary personalized, AI-driven experiences with exceptional products and services to ensure your business stays ahead.

Our team of technologists, engineers, and strategists will empower your brand  to meet the demands of conscious consumers and elevate your digital processes for long-term success.

About Retail

In the fast-paced world of retail, leveraging AI is essential for success in meeting customer expectations and driving growth. Our Retail Sector team helps you optimize your operations, enhance customer experiences, and stay competitive in the digital marketplace.

With solutions from personalized shopper engagement and AI-powered inventory management to seamless omnichannel integration and data-driven insights, you'll thrive in an increasingly AI-driven industry, driving profitability and customer loyalty.

Financial Services & Insurance

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About Financial Services & Insurance

In the ever-changing realm of Financial Services & Insurance, staying ahead - and staying secure - means embracing AI-driven innovation. We help you optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and mitigate risks through cutting-edge solutions.

From intelligent process automation to data analytics and cybersecurity, our collaborative approach empowers you to thrive in the age of AI, achieve sustainable growth, and stay competitive.

Enterprise Technology

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About Enterprise Technology

Businesses like yours lead change across industries. Launch's Enterprise Tech Sector team helps you accelerate your AI evolution to not only combat the challenges of hiring top talent, globalizing processes, and engaging a hybrid workforce - but to embrace the opportunities on the edge of AI transformation.

Let's create amazing customer, partner, and industry experiences together.


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About Government

The last few years have driven incredible digital transformations at all levels of government. Now, AI transformation will be crucial for driving efficiency, improving citizen services, and making forward-looking, data-driven policy decisions.

Whether automating administrative tasks, implementing smart city initiatives, or leveraging data analytics for informed policy-making, our expertise helps you adapt, innovate, and create a more connected and responsive public sector.

Energy & Sustainability

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About Energy & Sustainability

The Energy & Sustainability Sector literally powers innovation. At Launch, we help industry giants transform the quest for a more sustainable future with our AI-enabled DSM software solution, the Energy Efficiency Collaboration Platform.

By automating and streamlining tasks like energy rebate processing, energy audits, benchmarking, and more, not only can you look into the future of energy, but help create it as well.

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