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Rokster is now Launch Consulting

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The same cybersecurity and compliance services that deliver efficiencies and mitigate risks.

Just with a new name - and expanded capabilities.

Strategy. Execution. Transformation.

Rokster, a leading technology consulting and advisory firm specializing in Cybersecurity & Compliance, is now Launch Consulting. Our parent company, Strive Consulting, has also joined Launch.

By combining our businesses under the Launch brand, we’re able to expand our collective reach and service offerings that create value for all our clients and consultants.

Even with a new name, we’re still the go to resource for companies in the industrial controls and operational technology spaces needing top-level, IT Cybersecurity, ICS / OT Cybersecurity, and Regulatory Compliance advice and services.

Also staying the same: our commitment to excellence, high-level of responsiveness, and our SMEs and their expert knowledge of ICS / OT Cybersecurity. Your organization’s operational security, reliability and availability will always be our top priority.

For more information about the new organization, check out our press release.
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