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The pinnacle of customer engagement

Modern consumers are inundated with flashy, new things every single day, and great products are only part of the equation for attracting and retaining customers. Personalized, fast and engaging experiences, coupled with well executed products and services, will keep your business top of mind for new and existing buyers.

We've helped Starbucks, Disney, and Carnival Cruises achieve enormous long-term value (so you know you’ll be in good company). Our team of technologists, engineers, and visionaries will embolden your brand to meet the needs of conscious consumers and upgrade your digital processes along the way.
Intelligent Forecasting

Navigate the Future.
Link Decisions to Profitability.

Navigating to a profitable tomorrow requires continuous and intelligent forecasting. New external factors like persistent inflation and global supply-chain constraints will overwhelm forecast teams that don't leverage automation, AI, and machine learning. So today's Chief Future Officer must boldly lead digital transformation throughout the company.
Our Digital Finance Planning & Analytics Assessment determines the baseline of your current state and ignites your company's journey to intelligent forecasting with a clear ROI. We’ll model scenarios that map the future impact of what matters most, enabling you to make decisions that will improve your business outcomes.
Learn More About the FP&A Assessment

Fulfill your customer’s wants -
before they even know they need it

You don't have to be a hospitality giant to create interactions that delight your customers. Emerging tech enables everyone.

Internal upgrades that get your external customers talking

Creating frictionless and streamlined touch points for consumers is the goal, but to do this, you need your behind-the-scenes strategy to work like a well-oiled machine. This means combining technology, people, and know-how to take your org from sideline participants to industry known leaders.

Our core Consumer capabilities ensure your high-level vision is felt across the organization. From building digital platforms to incorporating automated tasks, we can handle end-to-end business development.


Whether building out cloud capabilities, platform governance, or simply becoming more agile in speed to market goals, our team helps clients build better, faster.

Our platform blueprint includes operational platform architecture, digital platform design and FinOps development.

Intelligent Org

We help consumer brands level up by incorporating intelligent operations throughout their org.

To operate at maximum efficiency, we offer best practices for operational effectiveness, BI, robotic process automation (RPA), and supply chain optimization.

Digital Products

To compete in a digital-first world, you need more than a good product.

We take a comprehensive look at the ins and outs of your brand, and work with you to navigate everything from product iteration to prototype design to full product integration.


Create positive, unique, and memorable experiences that your customers would shout from the rooftops (or at least share on social).

Blur the lines between technology and reality to drive higher engagement, increase retention and sprinkle in a little magic along the way. We do this through thoroughly crafted experience architecture and Atlas Spatial Awareness Experience Design.
"With the continued elevation of consumer expectations, a personalized, differentiated experience in every interaction with a brand is crucial to both maintain and enhance loyalty.  The future of consumer brand interaction necessitates the seamless integration of the physical and digital to enable these frictionless, differentiated experiences that surprise, delight, and ultimately add value to each and every consumers’ lives."
Harry O’Halloran
Sector Lead, Consumer

Pick your Vision Mapping plan...

We offer three packaged engagement models to help you turn your vision into the next amazing experience.


4-6 weeks

Assessment for companies that already have an understanding of their market and opportunity


6-8 weeks

Engagement with our cross-functional team, for companies that need to evolve their business or solution


8-12 weeks

Technology and solution-agnostic engagement, to tackle complicated strategic business problems

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