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Software Engineering is like solving a puzzle – lots of little pieces fitting together to create new solutions. The Launch Software Engineering Studio uses an agile approach to software design and development - helping your business achieve scalable, robust systems to compete on a global level.

Studio Disciplines

Design & Development
Test & Test Automation
Site Reliability
User Interface & User Experience
increase in outsourced software development is expected between 2022 and 2023

Programming the Future

If you build it, they will come... but, you have to build it. And it has to be mobile-first, accessible, intuitive, useful, and beautiful. We live in an increasingly remote and online world. Are you ready to create the software products and services that don't just meet your market, but transform it forever?
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Disciplines & capabilities

Developing Better Experiences for Everyone

These days, every company is a software company. Whatever Sector you're in, your team uses applications and tools to serve the business's goals and your customers' needs.

How do you know which apps and tools are making you money and which ones are outdated, redundant, or vulnerable to attack?

With the right metrics, you can build a crazy efficient, effective environment that moves your business forward. The Software Engineering Studio's four core disciplines enable you to create that environment from back(end) to front(end):
How Launch’s Software Engineering Studio Helped 85 Million Americans Get Better Eyecare
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Architecture & Development

Before you build any application, you need a blueprint. This is where the science of software meets the art. We design, plan, and develop scalable software solutions tailored to your unique business needs, combining creativity and technical excellence from end to end.

Strategic System Design

Creating comprehensive architectural strategies that align technology with business objectives

Agile Development Practices

Accelerating product delivery while adapting to evolving requirements with a collaborative Agile approach

Technology Stack Optimization

Evaluating and optimizing technology stacks to enhance performance, security, and maintainability

Test & Test Automation

Verify your platforms and applications—and make it automatic. Our testing services focus on ensuring the reliability, functionality, and performance of your software products.  Employing rigorous testing methodologies, including cutting-edge automated solutions, we systematically evaluate and validate your software to meet industry standards and deliver a consistently high-quality user experience.

Test Strategy & Planning

Developing customized testing strategies to ensure comprehensive coverage and quality assurance

Automated Testing Solutions

Implementing AI/ML testing frameworks to streamline testing processes and accelerate release cycles

Performance & Load Testing

Evaluating software performance under various conditions, ensuring optimal user experience and system reliability

Site Reliability

Maximize customer and employee satisfaction with seamless, uninterrupted operations. Our focus is on maintaining and enhancing the reliability and performance of your applications and platforms.

We proactively minimize downtime, optimize system performance, and enhance the overall reliability of your digital ecosystem, providing your organization with a resilient and consistently high-performing online presence.

Reliability Engineering

Proactively identifying and addressing potential reliability issues to ensure uninterrupted service delivery

Scalability Planning

Designing scalable architectures to accommodate growth, ensuring consistent performance under varying workloads

Incident Response & Recovery

Rapidly addressing security incidents related to software, minimizing impact and optimizing system availability


Foster a culture of security across your software engineering organization. We specialize in integrating security practices into the development pipeline, creating more resilient software in the face of evolving cyber threats.

It’s common for teams to develop software and tack on security at the end. We’ve found that integrating security rounds from the very beginning of a software project ensures that security is not an afterthought, but an integral part of your software development lifecycle.

Continuous Security Integration

Embedding security measures into every phase of development, preventing vulnerabilities from product inception

Threat Detection & Response

Implementing tools and processes for early detection and swift response to potential security threats

Compliance & Governance

Ensuring software development adheres to industry regulations and internal governance standards, minimizing legal and security risks

Career Support

We provide career support, learning opportunities, and a community of craft for every Navigator who concentrates in software engineering. Want to join the Studio? Find open development, engineering, and cyber security positions on our Careers page!

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