Strategic Data Dashboard

A more perfect game


Bowlero, the world’s largest bowling-center operator, understands that timeliness of data is important in high-stakes decision-making. They take pride in their operational expertise and know that in order to stay on top, they need to maximize the utility of the data they collect from their centers and modernize their reporting and analysis.


Legacy systems, slow data collection, and manual-input spreadsheet-based dashboards across 300+ worldwide bowling centers created a bottleneck to timely data collection and a natural barrier to change, inhibiting the company’s agility.


Launch brought a product mindset to the problem. Starting with a human-centric discovery and design process, we identified and prioritized the gaps in the system. We surfaced ways to translate human processes into automated capabilities, saving hours of productivity. And we promoted data-driven decision-making, creating new opportunities to strengthen executive intelligence.

Our SaaS-driven dashboard implementation allowed Bowlero to look at their data strategically and tactically, driving greater efficiency. And most importantly, they can now act on the data predictively. They now better understand the ebbs and flows of the business, from individual customers to multi-state regions. Leading through proactive change, the company is no longer left continually playing catch-up to past problems.