Impacting Change Management From The Top Down

Global Commercial Real Estate Services Firm

Client situation

A large global commercial real estate services client was in the middle of a global shift within their HR function, investing heavily into technology. The existing knowledge and case management solution, Pega, had been partially rolled out to 50% of the 90,000 employees with inconsistent user experience and low self-service adoption. Now, the client was adopting a new ServiceNow tool.

The HR leadership team lacked a holistic view of the degree and uniqueness of the change impacting the various stakeholders. Now, they saw an opportunity to strengthen their messaging and articulate the ‘what,’ ‘why,’ and ‘what’s next.’

The HR leadership team asked Launch to develop an organizational change management strategy to increase adoption, minimize resistance, and maximize the ROI and benefits for the roll out of the global ServiceNow tool.

Our approach

Launch designed and executed a time-boxed series of in-depth workshops with 40+ HR stakeholders across various roles, levels, locations, and time zones with the objective to collaboratively develop a change strategy.

Throughout the five three-hour workshops, Launch interviewed a cross-section of 15 uniquely impacted and influential divisions and identified 100+ unique people, process, and technology change impacts to address in the strategy and implementation roadmap.


Launch provided an effective change strategy and implementation roadmap to increase adoption, minimize user resistance, and maximize the benefits of the ServiceNow implementation. With the client, we:

  • Developed a strategy to implement the self-service tool on a global scale, which represented a significant investment for the client
  • Designed and implemented the HR Change Champion program to help train end users and increase adoption
  • Provided communications and training plans to five unique stakeholder groupings across seven global regions