Mobile Order & Pay

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Double-tall mocha with a $4 billion increase in revenue

That order-ahead app you use every week? We did that.

Launch’s Mobile Order & Pay solution enables the busiest Starbucks stores to move more customers, thereby driving incrementally and significantly more transactions, while helping to improve customer satisfaction.

Better customer experiences

In order to make ordering from Starbucks painless and fast while increasing throughput and drink production, Starbucks launched one of the first QSR pre-order systems in the world.

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Instant customer location awareness

Launch developed a working prototype that proved how a mobile app using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) could improve the speed and accuracy of drive-thru pickup orders. Here’s our client, demonstrating it in real time:

collage of working prototype
“Launch was key to helping us truly transform our guest experience with Mobile Order & Pay. Their work on developing and prototyping the experience—which now accounts for over 16% of Starbucks revenue—was a product of creativity and innovation.”

Arthur Rubinfeld 
Former Starbucks Chief Creative Officer and President of Global Innovation

Experience Design Engineering (XDE)

Launch designed the operational processes for both drive-through and in-store ordering. Our design leadership cast the philosophy that shaped the implementation, rollout, and ultimately the remarkable public adoption of the new ordering platform. 

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