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Building best-in-class data insights alongside the future of work.

Data and AI are transforming how we work, collaborate, and excel—moving beyond automation to enhance decision-making and efficiency.

Use AI-enhanced tools to unlock productivity.

There's a reason we consistently choose Microsoft for the cutting-edge technology that powers our client work: they set the gold standard.

Microsoft Copilot, integrated with MS365, utilizes large language models (LLMs) and your data to transform everyday words into a powerful productivity tool, offering real-time intelligent insights. Meanwhile, Microsoft Viva, an innovative Employee Experience (EX) platform, boosts workforce performance by enhancing employee empowerment and measuring engagement.

Launch + Microsoft transform the future of work.

  • Microsoft offers trusted technology platforms that power real-time data solutions and deliver AI-enabled tools to enhance complex employee experience strategies.

  • Launch leverages Microsoft technology to drive change, analyze business performance, and devise strategic initiatives that propel your business forward.

  • Together, we develop innovative, tech-based solutions that embrace data and AI, boosting productivity, retention, connectivity, and employee engagement across organizations.

Our Microsoft Services

From generating data-driven insights that enhance productivity using Viva Insights, to simplifying data integrations with Microsoft Fabric, and automating repetitive tasks using Copilot, Launch is equipped to elevate your employee experience, streamline operations, and maximize your Microsoft investment across all sectors.


Empower digital transformation, enhance brand loyalty, and optimize operational agility for a wide range of consumer products and hospitality providers


Drive innovation with data-driven strategies, omnichannel engagement, and personalized consumer experiences for online and brick and mortar retailers


Streamline insurance operations, support innovative business models, and accelerate service delivery with secure, flexible cloud solutions


Enhance healthcare quality and efficiency with AI-driven clinical analytics, predictive insights, and streamlined data management

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Real Stories from Launch + Microsoft

When Launch combines forces with Microsoft, we leverage advanced AI and data-driven solutions to tackle complex challenges across various industries. Together, we ensure that your enterprise thrives in the digital age.

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