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Meet Davood Ghods, Citizen Service Champion

Davood Ghods, Government Sector Lead

Davood Ghods leads Launch Consulting’s Government Sector, bringing the agility and fire power of private-sector consulting to the public sector’s digital vision. Before “retiring” to Launch in 2016, Davood spent 26 years as a leader for the State of California, where his personal mission was to improve customer service for citizens and increase tech enablement across government. 


Digital Transformation in Government  

Local, state, and federal government agencies face increasing pressure to digitize their practices, amplified by the permanent shift to a more virtual world. With more Americans seeking higher-quality digital services from their government, the time to adapt and transform is now.  

Under Davood, Launch Government consults with public-sector entities looking for bold digital solutions that fundamentally improve their customers’ experience. He believes that through data optimization, focused apex experiences, and human design engineering, government organizations can focus on what matters most: building, serving, and advocating for their communities.  


Bringing the Human Side to Government Tech 

Davood’s vast knowledge in business intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing, governance, and management gives Launch a unique advantage in creating solutions for government organizations nationwide — but his real talent is in empathy. In his lauded podcast, Davood for Thought, he often speaks of the importance of bringing humanity to the forefront of operations.   

When it comes to resilience and change, the best approaches are built upon the human experience. In fact, Davood believes, putting citizen service first is the only way for the public sector to move through modernization toward transformation. 

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