Leveling Up with Launch: Navigating Strategic Data & AI Transformation

National Hospitality and Gaming Titan

The future is digital, and its time to level up or risk being left behind.

Picture this: a gaming and hospitality titan that's been at the top of its game for 50 years, boasting a billion-dollar legacy built on the vibrant floors of brick-and-mortar casinos. But when the world hit pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, our client didn't just wait it out – they learned some hard truths. Luxuries like buffets, while nice, weren't the moneymakers they thought. This was their lightbulb moment: the future was digital, and it was time to level up or risk being left behind.

Betting on Data

In a world buzzing with economic uncertainties and a market as competitive as a high-stakes poker game, our client faced a real challenge. How could they keep the lights on and the dice rolling while paving the way for digital transformation? How would they dive into the data deep end to enhance what they already do so well and discover new opportunities? And with a legacy as rich as theirs, how could they embrace the new without losing the essence of what made them a household name?

The leadership team, recognizing the seismic shifts underway, saw the untapped potential of artificial intelligence and data analytics. With over 70 internal examples of where they believed data and AI could optimize their entire enterprise, the mission was clear: to harness these cutting-edge technologies while getting their data organized and primed for action. They faced a foundational hurdle – the absence of a cohesive, enterprise-wide data strategy that could marry ambition with execution. It was about finding those quick wins that would not only show immediate results but also set the stage for long-term success.

Full House Transformation

Enter Launch. We partnered with our client to employ a holistic transformation strategy. We conducted over 40 interviews across various departments to understand every nuance of the business and focused not only on the low-hanging fruit, but also on crafting a roadmap to lead to real, tangible change.

 Our blueprint for transformation consisted of:

  • Customer 360 & Analytics Modernization: A comprehensive 360-degree view of their customer, this initiative was designed to bolster customer engagement and personalization, all powered by modern analytics. By understanding the customer's journey from every angle across the digital and physical space, we could tailor experiences that resonated on a personal level, fostering loyalty and driving revenue.
  • Governance & Foundational Technology: Establishing a robust framework for data governance became a cornerstone of our strategy. Alongside this, we laid the technological foundations essential for leveraging AI effectively. This dual approach ensured that the company's data assets were not only well-managed and secure, but also primed for the innovative applications of AI and analytics.
  • Strategic Execution Roadmap: The roadmap was designed to fast-track ROI and fuel revenue growth, marked by clear milestones and deliverables with quick wins along the way. It was a roadmap that charted a course through the complexities of digital and AI transformation, ensuring a clear path to success.
  • Change Management: Recognizing that the most sophisticated strategies demand more than just technological savvy, we initiated a comprehensive change management program cultivating a culture ready to embrace change and where innovation could thrive.

The results? This wasn't just about getting ready for the next big thing; it was about becoming the next big thing. With a clearer understanding of their customers, streamlined operations, and a new found agility in their business processes, our client wasn't just back in the game; they were ahead of it.

And just in time, too. With the U.S. Betting &Gaming market expected to grow by $11.42B by 2027 and online gaming seeing a whopping 11.61% annual growth, the stakes couldn't be higher. But thanks to a meticulously crafted strategy and a commitment to innovation, our client is not just facing the future; they're shaping it.

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