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Reinventing the business landscape together by making all companies AI Ready.

The world is evolving, and so is business. In this era of rapid transformation, AI is the game-changer. That's why we team up with Palantir — to empower your organization with the know-how to integrate AI into vital operations and leverage data for that competitive edge.

Super charge your data - and decision making.

Every day, we help our clients accelerate AI adoption - after all, we embrace that ethos ourselves. So, when it comes to seamlessly integrating your data and analytics into the daily decision-making processes across your core business, Palantir is the solution. Their Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) allows companies to run LLMs and AI safely and securely in their own private networks, with industry-leading guardrails to control, govern, and trust the AI. At the same time, Palantir Foundry empowers everyone in your organization to speak directly to your data, models, and processes to solve your biggest challenges.

Launch + Palantir streamline solutions through data.

  • Palantir allows companies to run LLMs and AI safely and securely in their own private networks, with industry-leading guardrails to control, govern, and trust the AI.

  • Launch provides expert data architects and engineers who are  Palantir-certified and ready to automate decision-making in complex environments.

  • Together, we establish real-time data connections and seamlessly perform transformations through the pipeline, ensuring ongoing critical decision-making is both continuous and effortless.

Our Palantir Services

From creating robust dashboards empowering analytical decision-making to AIP Bootcamps that solve real business problems immediately, Launch is ready to help you improve operational workflows, develop data governance management systems, and maximize your Palantir investment across any sector.


Use advanced data analytics to improve supply chain effectiveness, plant infrastructure problem areas, operational uptime, and commercial production

Financial Services

Apply AI/ML models to integrate and secure data within highly regulated industries and multi-cloud environments assuring customer demands are met


Create intuitive applications to rapidly analyze and process real-world pricing changes and market trends allowing for customized campaigns and a competitive advantage


Build platforms, dashboards, and visualizations to handle and cleanse large quantities of medical data for collaborative analysis and ease of use

Connect with Us

AI Bootcamp

Your opportunity to experience Generative AI in the context of your business, build live alongside Palantir and Launch SMEs, and deploy operational AI to solve your hardest problems.

In this 5-day bootcamp, you’ll get hands-on with LLMs and Generative AI and build a foundation to deploy a minimum viable product into production – while tackling the time-critical missions most important to you.

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Future State of Data Workshop

3 in 5 organizations use data analytics to drive business innovation. 92% of organizations have achieved measurable value from their data and analytics investments.

In this 2-3 hour workshop, our experts will help you envision your organization’s next 2-3 years of data transformation and set up an vision plan so you can make the investments that get you there.

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Real Stories from Launch + Palantir

When skilled business and technology experts from Launch and Palantir partner on AI-powered operations and the tech of tomorrow, there's no data problem we can't solve. From biopharma to retail to utilities, together, we've got your enterprise data, logic, and systems covered.

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