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Energizing a Movement

Our mission is to energize the movement to reduce consumption and greenhouse gases by developing and deploying software, strategies, and services that push the entire energy ecosystem to create positive change.

Bold Partner for a Renewable Future

20+ years automating & streamlining energy processes

Launch Energy and Sustainability is at the forefront of innovation – transforming the quest for lower emissions, cleaner energy, and a more sustainable future. We've spent the last 20 years designing, developing, and deploying demand-side management (DSM) solutions to help our clients automate and streamline tasks like energy rebate processing, energy audits, benchmarking, and more.

We never forget that people drive technology, not the other way around. Everything we build is built in collaboration with our clients and partners to drive modernization in the energy sector.
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Program Tracking for Community Impact

We're committed to creating the greatest impact for residential, commercial, and agricultural communities through energized efficiency.

In short, we power communities through efficient software management, workflow automation program tracking, intelligent reporting systems, and tailored customer engagement programs.
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Energy Efficiency Collaboration Platform (EECP)

Better compliance, less time, and minimized cost.


Americans served by EECP


in incentives paid to customers

4.3B kW

Served through EECP

EECP Capabilities

Here's a quick overview of how you can use EECP from start to finish, working with your team, third parties, customers, regulatory agencies, and more.
Receive customer energy rebates applications, submitted online or via mobile
Automatically check, verify, and refund customers through EECP online portal
Generate custom and standard reports for both your teams and oversight entities
Integrate trade allies and other third parties seamlessly into the EECP database
Prevent fraud and ensure processes comply with local and federal regulations
Invoicing & Budgeting
Use invoicing and budgeting tools to keep your EE programs on the right track

Workflow Automation for Energy Efficiency

At Launch Energy and Sustainability, we say what we mean and do what we say. Here is what you can expect  while you’re working with us.
1. Where You Need, When You Need
We develop our products using Agile SDLC, so we’re prepared to match your  burgeoning bandwidth – whenever you need, wherever you need.
2. Agile Tracking and Reporting Program
You're busy - so we are here to ease your workload and project management stress.

You'll work with an account executive and project manager, who will ensure the project is on track and provide a regular cadence of calls to review project status and progression.
3. User-Focused Design, User-Focused Data
Bold transformation doesn’t happen in a silo - collaboration is key. We practice user-focused design thinking, backed by data, to create a strategic plan to not only meet but surpass your end goal. 

EECP Use Cases


Starting Package

  • Mobile-friendly online application
  • Automated verification & validation
  • Standard & customizable reporting
  • Invoicing module to streamline office processing
  • Fraud detection & mitigation
  • Lead storage to aid in participation improvement
  • Budgeting module
  • Trade ally registration
  • Weatherization program
  • Proprietary API to connect all systems



Our proprietary API allows your systems to communicate with each other entirely online, in order to complete, track, and report on your EE programs.

Mobile App


Put the services your customers need, and the data you need from them, right into in the palm of their hands with EECP's online rebate application, now in app form.

Audit Tool


Identify areas where customers can save energy and money, identify rebates that may be available to offset improvement costs, and improve customer satisfaction.



Connect your commercial customers' usage requests directly to EPA’s Portfolio Manager for streamlined, automatic comparison and reporting.

Power Dash


Already got multiple systems for these other modules? Use Power Dash to consolidate and parse all your data into one consistent, reportable format.

Online Store Integration


Get eligibility verification, approved EE products, and automatic rebates, all in one place - OSI provides a complete ecommerce experience.

Community Solar


Improve your community's environmental impact with less cost to them, while retaining solar farm ownership and the valuable data gained from on-grid customers.

What Can You Do With Energy Efficiency Program Management Software?

Our energy efficiency collaboration platform and program management software take an agile approach to efficiency, empowering your team to hit goals aptly and efficiently. This means better compliance, less time, and minimized cost.
“There's an initiative to reach a zero carbon footprint by 2050. We're on the threshold of seeing major changes in the industry. ”
Damion Walkup
Sector Lead, Energy and Sustainability

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