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The difference between a bold decision and a reckless one is insight. Launch’s Data & AI Studio helps businesses cultivate information that empowers a culture of collaboration and creativity, using data operations, data platforms, and data visualization. Save time and money for your organization by partnering with Launch to uncover the strategy, governance, and architecture that helps you achieve your bold goals faster.

Studio Disciplines

Data Governance
Data Engineering
AI & Data Science
Data Analytics & Visualization
increase in labor productivity results from the efficiencies provided by AI solutions.
will be spent on AI solutions by 2025, doubling the current expenditure.

Data Without Analytics is Just Numbers

Unstructured data isn’t helpful for anyone. If you want to use your data, you’ve got to harness it. Extracting meaningful information out of numbers takes a multidisciplinary approach backed by the scientific method, statistics, and computer programming. Presto: Now you have the insight and know-how to transform not only your processes, but your entire business.
Are you ready to catch lightning in a bottle? With modern and digitized data capture, data storage, data analytics, and reporting capabilities, you can leap forward on your digital transformation journey.
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Disciplines & capabilities

Data & AI Disciplines: Using Data to Make Tech More Human

Data can transform an organization, from improving operations to enabling better decision-making.  From bot building to financial forecasting, natural language processing to predictive analytics, our data scientists and data engineers can make it happen.

The Data and AI Studio focuses on three core disciplines:
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Data Analytics

Imagine leaving raw meat on the counter for days until you figured out what to make with it. It would spoil, and a potential meal would be wasted. Now imagine your valuable raw data just existing, with no plan for reporting or development. That data might not spoil in the traditional sense, but it is a waste (and often an expensive one).  

Turn your data into value with parsing, collating, reporting, and forecasting capabilities.

Descriptive Analytics

  • End-to-end reporting architecture and design
  • Data pipeline development
  • Blueprint design
  • Data warehousing

Diagnostic Analytics

  • Historical data
  • Taxonomy management

Predictive Analytics

  • Advanced analytical capabilities
  • Data science implementation

Prescriptive Analytics

  • Data subscription
  • Reporting applications
  • Product/service integration

Data Science

When you think about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, do you think about robots taking over in a post-apocalyptic world? While we are training machines, we can assure you the machines will only take over the designated tasks they were programmed for.

Machine Learning (ML) and Predictive Modeling

  • Data assessment and preparation
  • Clean, Augment, Transform, and Integrate (CATI) Data
  • Exploratory data analysis (EDA)
  • Model training, testing, and selection
  • Regression models
  • Classification models
  • MLOps, including model deployment
  • Model performance tracking and improvement

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions:

  • Historical data
  • Taxonomy management

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Reporting automation
  • Healthcare claims processing automation
  • Data collection automation
  • ML model training and testing

Times Series Forecasting

  • Trend-season decomposition
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  • Time series models (ARIMA, Exponential Smoothing)
  • Monthly forecast automation
  • Scenario analysis

Data Engineering

If a data pipeline falls and scatters in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? No. But you’d probably hear some mumbling from nearby data engineers.  

While a data pipeline isn’t a physical object, it is still built with purpose by skilled engineers. They collect, analyze and transfer data to be converted into measurable results.  

Our data engineering capabilities span from foundation design to deep learning architecture.

Data Platform & Architecture

  • Secure data foundation
  • Cloud architecture
  • Data modeling

Data Management & Governance

  • Data stewardship
  • Security and compliance
  • Master data management (MDM)
  • Data quality

Data Migration & Pipelines

  • Fast and reliable data flows
  • Incremental loading
  • Database migration


  • Manage data from ingestion to insight
  • Continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • Benchmarking and performance tuning
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