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The difference between a bold decision and a reckless one is insight, which is exactly what Launch's Data & AI Studio offers. Their expertise helps businesses cultivate information that empowers a culture of collaboration and creativity. Gain the competitive edge by adopting an AI-first strategy, making data work for you and your organization. Partner with Launch to uncover the right strategy, governance, and architecture to achieve your goals faster.

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increase in labor productivity results from the efficiencies provided by AI solutions.
expected growth in customer satisfaction in organizations that use AI.

If AI is the future, data is the foundation.

Every business is facing a data imperative: the need to have accurate and available information they can automate to fulfill existing business functions and create new opportunities for their org. Add in that 35% of companies are currently using AI and 45% are exploring AI implementation for the future and you've got a need to transform not only your processes, but your entire business.

Accelerate your data transformation by harnessing the power of data to make better decisions, design better products and services, and envision a future where AI takes center stage.
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Disciplines & capabilities

Data & AI Disciplines: Using Data to Make Tech More Human

Data can transform an organization. From bot building to financial forecasting, natural language processing to predictive analytics, our data scientists and AI experts can make it happen.

The Data and AI Studio focuses on four core disciplines:

Data Analytics & Visualization

Data isn’t limited to spreadsheets. Analytics and visualizations turn data into compelling stories that inspire change, improve processes, and bring out the best in people and organizations.

We help organizations make complex data easy to understand, uncover patterns, identify trends and outliers, and generate accountable insights that take some of the unknowns out of your business planning.

Descriptive Analytics

Analyzing historical data to summarize and understand past performance, providing context and a basis for decision-making

Diagnostic Analytics

Examining data to identify reasons behind past events or outcomes, allowing you to explore cause-and-effect relationships

Predictive Analytics

Using data and statistical models to forecast future outcomes, which enables proactive decision-making and planning

Prescriptive Analytics

Combining data, algorithms, and business rules to recommend optimal actions, guiding decision-making to achieve your desired outcomes

Data Visualization

Presenting data in visual formats to enhance understanding and uncover patterns, trends, and insights

AI & Data Science

The AI revolution is here. Fortunately, we’re ready to help you thrive in it with services like democratic AI guidance for your business and proprietary AI-enabled tools.

Employ artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and more to empower your team, streamline workflows, and get the highest and best value from your tech investments and your people. We can help you use your data pipeline and new technologies to create a better, more human experience.

Launch Intelligent Forecasting Engine (LIFE)

Leveraging predictive analytics and advanced algorithms to help businesses forecast demand, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions

Launch Intelligent Text Extraction (LITE)

Using AI algorithms to extract relevant information from unstructured text data, enabling efficient analysis and reducing manual effort

Algorithmic Data Linking & Cleansing

Applying AI-driven algorithms to connect and clean datasets, ensuring data integrity and improving the quality of analytical insights

Propensity Modeling

Building statistical models that predict the likelihood of specific customer behaviors or outcomes, facilitating targeted marketing and personalized experiences

Digital Twins

Creating virtual replicas of physical objects or systems to monitor, analyze, and optimize real-world performance and decision-making

Open AI & ChatGPT-Powered Smart Reports

Generating insightful reports using AI technologies, providing rapid automated documentation, analysis, and recommendations for informed decision-making

Data Architecture & Engineering

We provide end-to-end support for designing, implementing, and managing data architectures that empower organizations to unlock the full potential of their data.

These services ensure that your data flows seamlessly, is properly stored, and is readily accessible for analysis, insights, and decision-making.

Data Platform & Architecture

Designing and implementing robust infrastructure and frameworks to support data storage, processing, and retrieval in a scalable and efficient manner

Data Integration

Seamlessly combining data from various sources, ensuring consistency and availability for search, analysis, and reporting purposes

Data Modeling

Creating logical and physical data models to define data structure, relationships, and constraints, optimizing storage and retrieval efficiency

Data Transformation

Cleansing, normalizing, and enriching data to ensure quality, consistency, and compatibility across systems, which enables meaningful analysis

Data Warehousing

Building centralized repositories that consolidate and organize data, which facilitates efficient querying, reporting, and analysis

Data Governance

Establish data confidence through data governance. Strengthen your org’s internal muscle memory by imbuing your organizational culture with sustainable data governance solutions that encompass data, tech, process, and especially people.

By engaging and training your team on the liabilities and opportunities of data across the whole ecosystem, you not only manage your data securely, but create a long-term data movement within your company.

Governance Strategy

Developing a comprehensive data management strategy that works with your organization's goals, people, and abilities, as well as legal and oversight requirements

Privacy & Protection

Establishing compliant data protection mechanisms, including access controls, encryption, and anonymization, as well as processes for consent and data breach response

Lifecycle Management

Defining processes for the lifecycle of data, including data creation, collection, storage, retention, archiving, and disposal, while considering legal, regulatory, and business requirements

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