Creating the Future of Connected Care

Every day, new innovations are digitizing and personalizing the healthcare experience—building an ecosystem that improves communication, verifies insurance and provider data, automates processes, empowers patients, bolsters security, and enables decision-making.
Technology is ready to create a better human experience for everyone in the healthcare system. Are you ready to lead the industry into the next generation of healthcare?
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who we serve
NAVIGATING FORWARD Podcast - Episode 3

Principal Architect Benson Miller on tech, medicine, and the future of connected care


Services for each stage of the digital journey

third party liability

Data Assurance
for Health Insurance

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Data Optimization

Tech exists to make your job easier. If you're sick of lengthy manual processes, re-checking data to make sure it's correct, and finding errors that have contaminated months of vital information, digitization and optimization are the cure.

We work with national hospital systems and insurers to automate paper processes, monitor and check data integrity, and parse data into a format you can actually use for short- and long-term planning.

Data doesn't have to be overwhelming. In the right format, it can be the greatest tool in your belt.

Confidential Computing

Balancing innovation with data privacy is vital. While patient data is generally encrypted when it's at rest or in transit, it can be vulnerable when it's being processed. Our confidential computing tech closes this security gap during processing.

When you institute confidential computing processes in your systems, you achieve the seamless, scalable data security that’s required by the complex workloads associated with using AI in clinical settings. It’s a major step toward empowering your business to use data and tech not only for decision-making, but for a more human experience in healthcare.
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Confidential computing

Secure Collaboration
for AI and Health Data

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Designed for Digital

Platform Modernization
for VSP

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Experience Design

First, you envision an effortless experience – then we'll build the technology to support it.

Creating human-centered healthcare has unique design requirements. Unlike most industries, the stakeholders in the medical sector are...everyone. We guide insurers, providers, and regulatory groups through defining, creating, and testing ideas to improve everyone's health journey.

It's all about ownership - for your team, not ours. This is your solution, and your expertise is imperative. We're here to guide the process and build the solution for your best path forward.

Apex Experiences

Health doesn't exist in a vacuum - it touches every part of our lives. In this digital world, customers expect accessible, online, personalized experiences, and healthcare is no exception.

Imagine a world where hospital staff knows exactly where in the building every patient and piece of critical equipment is, simply by looking at a digital dashboard. Imagine every patient being able to download or forward medical records securely via mobile app to any new provider they visit. With the building blocks in place, these are completely achievable. Together, we can create a healthcare experience no one has even imagined yet.
connected care

Digital Patient &
Visitor Management

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