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The Management Consulting Studio drives business results by making people happy. Our expertise in Human Experience Design, Organizational Effectiveness, and Learning & Development forms a holistic approach that helps organizations innovate new products and services, transform their teams and culture, and empower their employees.

Studio Disciplines

Leadership Advisory
Organizational Effectiveness & Change
Learning & Development
Business Program Management & Analysis
of companies view customer experience as a competitive differentiator.

Preparing for New Tech & the Future of Work

The conventional in-office 9am-5pm is gone—the future is hybrid. That means new processes, norms, and cultures that serve a diverse and dynamic workforce, no matter where or when people are working. Is your org ready to manage the next major workforce change?
While tools and technologies enable collaboration and work continuity, an intentional focus on people and their mindsets will make or break your ability to hire and retain high-performing employees. We can guide you through that transformation. Let's talk.
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The Human Impact Studio creates meaningful experiences for consumers and organizational teams. From conception through execution, IRL, or in the metaverse - our unique disciplines are crafted to transform the way you do business.
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Disciplines & capabilities

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." - Peter Drucker

Companies with engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147% in earnings and 21% in profitability. In a hiring market shaken by the Great Resignation, training and retaining your people is more important than ever.

The Management Consulting Studio focuses on three distinct disciplines that focus on enhancing individual performance, user experience, and organizational culture, no matter what the world throws at us next:
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Human Experience Design

The Human Experience Design (HXD) team helps organizations innovate by designing products, services, and experiences that people love and value. Our end-to-end approach guides clients through creating a compelling vision, identifying opportunity targets, generating and validating solution ideas, and preparing to build or scale. Because no experience occurs in isolation, we are fluent across digital, physical, service, and virtual modalities.

Multi-faceted, interconnected industries are changing culture and setting new customer expectations for what valuable, meaningful experiences look and feel like. Advanced, immersive technologies such as gaming, NFT’s, the metaverse, and AR/VR have gained immense traction with Generation X and younger consumers. Our HXD team is ready to help businesses innovate with confidence in these exciting new spaces.

Our team is made up of Human Experience Strategists, Experience Researchers, Product Designers, and Visual Designers, with a broad range of capabilities, including:
  • Strategy

    Strategic vision workshops
    Experience strategy roadmaps
    Service blueprints
    Design maturity program
    Full innovation cycle
  • Design

    Digital interfaces
    Physical spaces
    Multi-modal experiences
  • Research

    User experience research
    Usability testing
    Small group workshops
    Product discovery and requirements definition
    Assessments and surveys
  • Training & Workshops

    Design thinking
    Agile & UX integration
    Product discovery
    Innovation mindset
    Future technology information
The Organizational Effectiveness (OE) team helps organizations transform by guiding leaders and business teams through change, creating an engaged and productive organizational culture.

Many innovation and transformation efforts fail because an organization’s people, culture, and processes aren’t ready to support and accelerate the change. While strategy is important, having a strong, aligned, and empowering culture is a more certain and sustainable path to success.

Organizations that focus on building their culture and supporting their leaders and teams as an integral element of success tend to see improvements in speed, alignment, and productivity.

Our OE team is made up of Organizational Effectiveness Consultants, Communication Consultants, and Content Developers with a broad range of capabilities, including:
  • Organizational Effectiveness

    Organizational design
    Stakeholder alignment
    Impact analysis
    Change readiness
    Project effectiveness
    Process design
    Leadership coaching
  • Communications Strategy

    Audience analysis
    Strategy and planning
    Information and engagement
    Content development and deployment

Learning and Development

The Learning & Development (L&D) team helps organizations empower their employees by creating learning experiences that help people succeed at work and move up in their careers.

Organizational changes require individual change, and the speed of employee adoption of change impacts ROI and ultimately whether business strategy is achieved. Companies that invest in the growth of their employees see improvements in key business metrics such as individual performance, speed to adoption, employee engagement and retention, and job market advantage.

We begin by evaluating existing programs and identifying drivers of performance, then craft engaging, multi-channel learning solutions that build competence and confidence. Our L&D team can guide you through the complexities of these changes and decisions.

Our team includes Learning Consultants and Instructional Designers who provide a broad range of capabilities, including:
  • Consulting
    Performance analysis
    Competency mapping
    Curriculum design
    Onboarding programs
    Program evaluation
  • Development
    Online learning modules
    Instructor-led training
    Events and experiences
    Just-in-time learning resources  
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