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Change, simply put, is the implementation of strategy. But if you’ve ever led a business change initiative, you know it’s never simple. Launch’s Management Consulting Studio helps leaders cut through complexity to bring high-level vision through to fruition.

Successful transformation is holistic transformation. Getting leadership on board, permeating the org, gaining momentum along the way - to do that takes a solid, proactive, cooperative plan. Launch will help you create yours.

Studio Disciplines

  • Leadership Advisory
  • Organizational Effectiveness & Change
  • Learning & Development
  • Business Program Management & Analysis
the ROI on large projects when an effective change management approach is in place.
of executives identify ineffective collaboration and communication as a major cause of failure in business.

Don’t let change be a major disruption.
Make it a major opportunity.

People often struggle with lackluster commitment when they’re moving towards a future state. Change involves people, process, and technology and impacts many stakeholder groups in different ways. This lack of change commitment and strategy inhibits widespread adoption and realization of ROI.
We work with clients who want to innovate - to take people on a journey, to defy the way things have always been. Our approach: assess the impact of change, develop a clear adoption strategy, enable change execution, and ensure everyone’s strapped in. You’ve got a North Star to get to.
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The Human Impact Studio creates meaningful experiences for consumers and organizational teams. From conception through execution, IRL, or in the metaverse - our unique disciplines are crafted to transform the way you do business.
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Disciplines & capabilities

Management Consulting Disciplines: Moving Businesses from Vision to Action

Become a champion of change. We’ve got people to help with that, end to end. From crafting a strategy to implement your business vision to training your team to adopt new tech and practices, our experts have honed an approach that gets you results...and maybe even a little fun along the way.

The Management Consulting Studio focuses on four core disciplines:
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Leadership Advisory

We partner with department leaders and executive leadership to establish or redesign vision and strategy, the associated operating model and value streams, and the organizational structures across people, process, technology, data and reporting, and governance.

Our flexible model meets you where you’re at so that we can focus on your greatest needs while also providing you the framework you need to translate your highest-level vision into the enablers that will make it a reality.


Leadership coaching and roadmapping to ensure your vision aligns with big-picture goals

Target Operating Model

Examining your operating model from a strategic lens, including operating model design, value levers, and design principles

Organization Design

Aligning governance, process, and people strategy to keep your org operating at full efficiency

Organizational Effectiveness & Change

Humans drive business, not the other way around. We guide leaders and teams through the evolution of their business practices by creating an engaging and productive organizational culture.

We’ll help you assess organizational capacity, identify stakeholders and people impacts, and build people-focused change plans that result in one aligned, efficient, healthy team. That kind of team can move transformation initiatives forward.

Organizational Effectiveness

Leadership coaching and implementing org design strategy to build highly functional teams

Change Strategy

Stakeholder analysis and alignment to elevate engagement and ensure change readiness

Communications Strategy

Promoting transparency and audience engagement through analysis and multichannel comms development

Learning & Development

Empowered employees demonstrate higher confidence, higher levels of engagement, higher levels of initiative and innovation, and less turnover. Support and upskill your people by creating learning experiences that help employees and leaders build confidence to adopt and embrace new tools, processes, and ways of working.

We help organizations identify development needs and execute their learning strategy through modern, impactful training and education.


Determining the right learning strategies for your team through performance analysis, competency mapping, curriculum design, and program evaluation


Building custom learning experiences that fulfill organizational needs, including online learning modules, instructor-led training, events and experiences, ad/or just-in-time learning resources

Business Program Management & Analysis

Trust and accountability are two of the core principles needed to navigate your most strategic initiatives. Complex, matrixed environments thrill us - we want to help you both achieve your desired outcomes and develop the confidence to make bold moves on your own in the future.

This is all about expectation management: translating your objectives into realistic scope, schedule, and budgetary commitments, and ensuring everyone’s on the same page at every stage of your initiative.

Program Management

Program-level strategic planning including delivery strategy, stakeholder strategy and dependency management

Project Management

Managing projects end to end, from scoping to cost management to delivery execution, as well as risk management

Business Analysis

Gathering and managing project requirements, user acceptance, and stakeholder communications

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