Our work philosophy, structure, and methodology

Breadth of big.
Speed of small.

We’re experts in helping companies harness data, implement the right technology, and enhance the human experience.

People choose Launch because we’re easy to work with and sized just right. We’ve got global scale, range, and delivery, including 1000+ consultants - but we’re faster and more affordable than the big guys. We’re a high-performing digital consulting firm that’s always looking to level up and fulfill our purpose: Positively impact people's lives.

Transformation Solutions

Our services span four major areas of transformation and focus on the nexus between data, people, and technology.

Data & AI

We help you:

  • Establish your data platform backbone
  • Leverage data tools across your organization
  • Build data-powered applications
  • Apply AI to key structures and workflows

Customer Experience

We help you:

  • Craft personalized experiences with data
  • Develop engaging customer apps
  • Enhance and tailor services with the right tech
  • Drive growth and loyalty through change management

Infrastructure & Operations

We help you:

  • Re-platform your business using strategy and data
  • Integrate AI for operational efficiency
  • Design future-ready processes and org structures
  • Deploy cutting-edge solutions for operational excellence


We help you:

  • Embrace cutting-edge technology for enterprise growth
  • Utilize data-driven solutions for strategic decisions
  • Implement effective change management
  • Reach your envisioned future state


These are the markets Launch has deep expertise and experience serving in, which means we bring customers a better level of service to help them reach their goals.
Our centers of excellence. We believe it’s vital to provide our customers with a wide range of capabilities to support their digital experience journey.


Our delivery methods generate high performance output and quality while driving speed to value​.

Consulting & Strategic Advisory

We help our clients navigate their transformations by applying our expertise to insights to design their future state.

Projects & Programs

From focused small projects to large-scale transformation programs, we deliver quality through our high performance Studio teams.


We provide full service outsourcing for client products and services, supporting continuous innovation, and 24-hour end user support.

Role-Based Consulting (RBC)

We provide the best talent to help organizations augment their teams across our range of capabilities.

Let's Work Together

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