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Launch Centers of Craft

Innovation starts in Studios. Our centers of excellence offer a wide range of capabilities to support your AI journey.

Wide range.
Deep expertise.

The Launch Studios are collectives of experts who explore, iterate on, and evolve innovative AI-first solutions for our clients. When you work with Launch, you don't just get one person's knowledge - you get the power of the whole Studio behind you.

Data & AI

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About Data & AI

Artificial intelligience is no longer a nice-to-have for modern businesses—it's a necessity. Launch's Data & AI Studio gives you the expertise and the the tools to drive your AI transformation forward.

Build platforms that capture and validate your data, employ intelligent process automation to streamline workflows, create new lines of business based on data, and govern the use of AI in your business—we're here to empower you the whole way.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

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About Cybersecurity & Compliance

As AI introduces both new threats and new opportunities in the security landscape, cybersecurity has never been more important. At Launch, our approach is to help you improve your cyber hygiene—establishing a secure ecosystem built on trust, compliance, and resilience.

With this solid base and an org-wide cybersecurity movement, you'll be ready to take advantage of the new opportunities AI offers to proactively keep your company safe and healthy.

Management Consulting

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About Management Consulting

The Management Consulting Studio excels at helping organizations navigate transformative changes, especially around integrating AI into the office. Focusing on people and processes, we help you develop tailored strategies that optimize workflows, boost productivity, and drive growth.

Through effective leadership advisory, change management, and learning and development, you can help your org embrace AI and thrive in the evolving work landscape.

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Digital Business Transformation

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About Digital Business Transformation

The Digital Business Transformation Studio helps you make the most of your digital investments. Instead of installing one more tool that some people adopt and some don't, use the opportunity of the AI imperative to fully transform the way your business operates.

Our team guides you through modernization strategies to streamline your processes, bring products to market, and expand your capabilities. We're here to help you evolve and succeed in the digital world.

Cloud & Infrastructure

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About Cloud & Infrastructure

The Cloud & Infrastructure Studio specializes in providing top-notch business platforms that are fast, secure, and adaptable. We take a modern approach to designing cloud solutions and infrastructure operations, as well as ensuring compliance with security standards.

By fully embracing cloud services as part of your transformation, you can maximize the value of your business and kickstart secure and scalable growth solutions with AI.

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Software Engineering

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About Software Engineering

The age of AI is all about experience. Exciting, engaging product and platform experiences start with the software. Our Software Engineering Studio uses Agile approach to help you get tailored solutions that enable you to compete on a global scale.
Build the right foundation for your AI transformation. Create an environment that's reliable, scalable, secure, and - most importantly - delightful for your users.

Technology Strategy & Architecture

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About Technology Strategy & Architecture

When embarking on transformative projects such as cloud migration, platform modernization, or user experience enhancements through AI, the big picture is crucial. This Studio helps you research, design, plan, and deploy strategic tech initiatives that turn your ideas into tangible impact.

Get technology strategy, sales engineering, and solution architecture expertise so you can map your path into practical, efficient, and goal-oriented technologies.

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