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The Launch Cloud and Infrastructure Studio delivers high-performing business platforms with a modern, secure, and flexible approach for cloud design solutions, infrastructure operations, and security and compliance standards. By fully embracing digital transformation, you will optimize your business value and jumpstart secure, scalable growth solutions.
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Studio Disciplines

Cloud-First Solutions
Cloud Automation
Systems Engineering with DevOps
of enterprises will use AI-assisted, cloud-linked governance services to manage, optimize, and secure their data by 2023.

Revamped Productivity for Enterprise Systems

Your business is at a crucial crossroads in the journey to modernization. This includes everything from adopting a high-level, cloud-native framework to revamping software infrastructure. Our customized infrastructure solutions give you the solid, agile foundation you need to transform your business.
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Disciplines & capabilities

Solution Building Blocks for Success

Your users' experiences start with your infrastructure. The same way a city planner designs the roads, utilities, parks, and neighborhoods that people build their lives on top of, the Enterprise Systems Engineering Studio designs technological and cloud systems that you can build your business on.

Our distinct studio disciplines build the strategy and deliver what you need to increase productivity, make smarter decisions, and innovate faster:
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Cloud-First Solutions

We collaborate with organizations to seize every opportunity in cloud technology. Our approach prioritizes scalability, agility, and cost efficiency to make for sustainable and future-ready solutions.

Whether architecting cloud-native applications, orchestrating migrations, or optimizing costs, we’ll work with you to harness the full potential of cloud resources.

Cloud-Native Application Development

Architecting and developing applications that harness the native capabilities of cloud platforms, ensuring optimal performance and scalability

Cloud Migration Strategy

Seamlessly migrating existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud, minimizing disruptions and maximizing benefits

Cloud Cost Optimization

Implementing strategies to optimize cloud costs, balancing performance requirements with cost efficiency through continuous monitoring and adjustment

Cloud Automation

Cloud automation is the cornerstone for organizations seeking greater operational efficiency through intelligent processes. Our discipline focuses on automating cloud operations with AI to increase efficiency, maintain consistency, and optimize resource utilization, so that you can achieve a streamlined and responsive cloud environment.

Automated Deployment and Scaling

Planning, managing, and delivering technology projects that start with your business vision and objectives

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) Pipelines

Establishing a community inside your org to standardize project management and delivery operations

Intelligent Resource Management

Utilizing AI-driven insights to allocate and de-allocate cloud resources, optimizing performance and cost-effectiveness


We specialize in optimizing the financial dimensions of cloud usage. Meticulous cost management, strategic resource allocation, and proactive budgeting practices are imperative to taking advantage of what the cloud has to offer without overspending.

Fortunately we’re great at finding and correcting inefficiencies, so we can help you navigate the financial intricacies of cloud services with transparency and foresight.

Cloud Cost Governance

Establishing governance frameworks and policies to manage and control cloud costs, aligning expenditures with business objectives

Resource Tagging and Allocation

Implementing effective resource tagging strategies and allocation models for transparent cost tracking and optimization

Budgeting and Forecasting

Developing robust budgeting and forecasting processes to provide visibility into future cloud expenditures and facilitate proactive cost management

Systems Engineering with DevOps

Designing and managing a robust systems infrastructure takes a village. We cultivate collaboration among IT, development, and operations teams to ensure cloud solutions not only meet technical benchmarks, but also align with business goals and regulatory requirements.

Our approach helps organizations build reliable, scalable, and efficient systems that adapt to the evolving demands of the digital landscape.

Collaborative System Design

Facilitating collaborative design processes that involve cross-functional teams, aligning with business goals and operational requirements

Continuous Monitoring and Feedback

Implementing continuous feedback loops to detect and address issues promptly, enhancing system reliability and performance

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Implementation

Applying IaC principles to automate and manage infrastructure, improving consistency, scalability, and version control

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