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The Launch Cloud and Infrastructure Studio delivers high-performing business platforms with a modern, secure, and flexible approach for cloud design solutions, infrastructure operations, and security and compliance standards. By fully embracing digital transformation, you will optimize your business value and jumpstart secure, scalable growth solutions.
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Studio Disciplines

Enterprise Engineering
‍Innovative Cloud Solutions
of enterprises will use AI-assisted, cloud-linked governance services to manage, optimize, and secure their data by 2023.

Revamped Productivity for Enterprise Systems

Your business is at a crucial crossroads in the journey to modernization. This includes everything from adopting a high-level, cloud-native framework to revamping software infrastructure. Our customized infrastructure solutions give you the solid, agile foundation you need to transform your business.
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Disciplines & capabilities

Solution Building Blocks for Success

Your users' experiences start with your infrastructure. The same way a city planner designs the roads, utilities, parks, and neighborhoods that people build their lives on top of, the Enterprise Systems Engineering Studio designs technological and cloud systems that you can build your business on.

Our distinct studio disciplines build the strategy and deliver what you need to increase productivity, make smarter decisions, and innovate faster:
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Innovative Cloud Solutions

At its core, cloud services manage the movement of data from one point to another. To facilitate this movement, we work in the private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud arena to find the best fit for your organization.
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud computing
  • Cloud strategy and planning
  • Saas (Software as a Service)
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Infrastructure Operations and Management

Imagine working as a city planner to revamp a large city. You are tasked with designing the entire infrastructure – roads, buildings, city plans, and development. Now imagine the same planning, but for the management of data, systems, and applications.

Our studio builds customized infrastructure solutions for your business, to help you build better, faster.
  • Performance analysis
  • Experience management
  • Delivery automation

Security & Compliance for Resilient Orgs

Ok, you have your data in order and your cloud is set up. Now what? Keeping your data safe, is of the utmost importance. Through our comprehensive security and compliance management, you can rest assured that your devices, networks, and systems are protected and meet applicable requirements.
  • Program management
  • Risk assessment
  • Security awareness
  • Managed services

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