Navigating Abroad S3 Episode 7: Karen Silverman, CEO and Founder of The Cantellus Group

Karen is a leading global expert in practical governance strategies for AI and other frontier technologies.

Navigating Abroad

Navigating Abroad S3 Episode 7: Karen Silverman, CEO and Founder of The Cantellus Group

Navigating Abroad S3 Episode 5: Charles-Edouard Bouée

Navigating Abroad S3 Episode 4: Kévin Bourchareb

Navigating Abroad S3 Episode 3: LJ Rich

Navigating Abroad S3 Episode 2: Carsten Kraus

Is AI the John to you Paul? Generative Models - your new creative partner!

Navigating Abroad S3 Episode 1: Fred Werner

Navigating Abroad S2 Episode 08: Guest Brandon Abell, Director of Sourcing, E&J Gallo Winery

Navigating Abroad S2 Episode 07: Sadie St. Lawrence, Founder & CEO

Navigating Abroad S2 Episode 06: Christy Serrato, Founder, Pair Anything

Navigating Abroad S2 Episode 05: Jen Saha, Founder & CEO, Golden Bridge Statistics

Navigating Abroad S2 Episode 04: Margaret Wong, President & Founder, McWong, Inc.

Navigating Abroad S2 Episode 02: Christian Palmaz, COO Palmaz Vineyards

Navigating Abroad S2 Episode 03: Gregg Descheemaeker, Intel

Navigating Abroad Episode 06: Antoine Bordes, Meta

Navigating Abroad Episode 05: Jennifer Woodard, Insikt Intelligence

Navigating Abroad Episode 04: Paul Spiers

Navigating Abroad Episode 03: Carolyn Peer, Humaxa CEO

Navigating Abroad Episode 02: Darlington Akogo

Navigating Abroad Episode 1: Abhilasha Purwar, Blue Sky Analytics


Navigating data privacy with Omeda's Bettina Lippisch

Data privacy is a team sport with Bettina Lippisch

With a background that includes stints at Disney, Meet Group, and ByteDance, Blake has a passion for pursuing the next frontier in tech and entertainm

The race is on: Web3, AI, and super apps with Blake Kuhre

Navigating Forward with guest Hilary DeCesare where she discusses the 3HQ framework to transformation, her best-selling book, and the new "normal".

Re-energize for the new (not) normal with Hilary DeCesare

How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace and Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women

Moving the needle on gender equity with David Smith and Brad Johnson

Lisa and Wendy discuss the role of a Chief Data Officer, data literacy and the use of data and automation in healthcare

Data Literacy and the role of a CDO with Wendy Turner-Williams

On this episode of Navigating Forward, Lisa Thee chats with Harrison Tang, the CEO and co-founder of Spokeo.

Data Transparency and Digital Identity with Harrison Tang, CEO of Spokeo

 Formerly the CEO of the Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health Plans, Julia now has her own consulting business and is a keynote speaker.

Rediscovering Your Resilience with Julia Nicholson

Lisa Thee speaks with executive coach and guest lecturer at UC Berkley's School of Business, AMii Barnard-Bahn.

Leadership and Promotability with Amii Barnard-Bahn

Bold Leadership: Lloyd Levine, T-Mobile National Senior Executive for State Government Strategy

Lisa Thee talks with Ed Soo Hoo to discuss innovation, diversity, and data in this episode of Navigating Forward

Innovation, Diversity, & Data with Ed Soo Hoo

Teichert Construction is a heavy civil construction giant that has been building California for 135 years and clearly know the formula for success.

Navigating Together: Building the Future on a Foundation of Data

Digital Information Security for Government: Vitaliy Panych, CISO of California Dept. of Technology

Women in Data, BeekeeperAI, UCSF Healthcare innovation, Huawei, Digital Transformation at Nike.

Season 2 Navigating Forward Highlight Episode

Davood for Thought Season Highlight - Part 2

Davood for Thought Season Highlight - Part 1

Lisa Thee sits down with Irakli Beridze is the Head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at UNICRI, United Nations​.

AI for Good & Worldwide with Guest Irakli Beridze

Lisa Thee sits down with Greg Merrill, Senior Director for Digital Transformation at Nike to discuss his journey as an entrepreneur.

Authentic Transformation: Greg Merrill

Michael Hingson

Lisa Thee talks with Mike Amato on challenges of realigning company culture and motivating a rapidly evolving workforce to achieve positive outcomes.

Mindset Reset with Mike Amato

Joe Panora

Lisa Thee meets with Dr. Michael Blum, Chief Digital Transformation Officer at the UCSF Center for Digital Healthcare Innovation & CEO of BeekeeperAI.

AI Innovation in Healthcare: BeekeeperAI's Dr. Michael Blum

Purpose in Leadership: Jeff Frazier, VP, Head of Global Public Sector at Snowflake

Transformation & Impact: Kyle Katt, Chief Experience Officer at Launch Consulting

Nevada County IT & Operations: Steve Monaghan

Leadership & Problem Solving: Jag Nagendra

Business IT: Mike Anderson

State Hospitals and Tech: Andrew Hinkle

Government Customer Service & Digital Equity: Bratton Riley

Open Data & Transparency: Rishma Khimji

California State Government: Kathleen Webb

Smart Cities & Quantum Computing: Dr. Jonathan Reichental

"Dirty Dozen" Problems in IT Projects: Robert Peterson

Ransomeware Attacks & Cyber Security: Paul LaValley

Operational Effectiveness: Dr. Peter Pirnejad

Robert has spent the last 20 years working on industry-leading software. In this interview, Robert speaks on both technical and personal challenges.

Navigating Software Platforms & Organizational Effectiveness: Robert Duffy

Mark Hadland, Founder/CEO of Level11 sits down and talks about his success as an entrepreneur, along with the importance of risk taking an innovation.

Navigating Apex Experiences: Mark Hadland

Going Mobile & Process Improvement with Rick Nelson

Work Infrastructure with Bill Maile

Cybersecurity with Keith Tresh

Business Continuity with Joe Patterson

Motivation in Times of Uncertainty: Christian Farland

Former and Current Chiefs of OTech Dish on Resilience: Liana Bailey-Crimmins

Inspiring Innovation: Marcie Kahbody

Lydia Henshaw is passionate about building self-confidence and resiliency in girls and is why she founded the online mentor community Moxie Girl.

Navigating Resiliency: Lydia Henshaw

Dennis Noone, Managing Editor at Techwire

At 22, Mary started with a Fortune 1000 Payroll/HR company at just $13/hr in an admin role, but quickly acquired the skills and training to advance.

Navigating Financing & Startups: Mary Grothe

Organizational Change Management: Dr. Kris Lea

Davood For Thought: Andrew Armani

Courtney is responsible for Microsoft’s company-wide digital safety strategy to reduce harm from illegal and harmful content online.

Navigating Digital Safety: Courtney Gregoire

Davood For Thought: Jennifer Saha

Katie is Chief of Staff at Spectrum Labs and works closely with the engineering team to build products for customers to reach trust & safety goals.

Cleaning Up the Internet: Katie Zigelman

Davood For Thought: Chris Cruz

Mr. McKeown is a dedicated public servant that has decades of involvement helping congress end human trafficking with his "BeCyberSmart" campaign.

Navigating Government Contracts: Mick McKeown

Teresa is an Emmy Nominated, Age's Creative 50 recipient, and Campaign US Digital 40 over 40 marketing expert.

Navigating Marketing: Teresa Herd

Aila Malik is a values-driven leader, inspiring mission-driven organizations to fulfill promises on their impact through community kindness.

Navigating Multipreneurship and Community Kindness: Aila Malik

Kim Box is an Independent Director on the Board of American River Bank and is Chair of the Finance & Capital Committee.

Navigating Digital Transformation: Kim Box

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Microlearning: Chief Future Officers and Embracing Human Centered Automation

Charlene Coleman, Modern Finance Sector Lead at Launch shares her thoughts on what Chief Future Officers can do by embracing Human Centered

Microlearning: Storyboarding

Derek Hoien of Launch's Human Impact Studio explains why technology project fail and how lessons from Hollywood can help prevent this.

Microlearning: Data Roles Explained

Jared Endicott, Data Studio Director explains the differences between Data Engineering, Data Analytics, and Data Science

Microlearning: Psychological Safety

Michelle Kosmacek, Sr. Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, discusses why Psychological Safety is the key to an effective team.

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Bold Women in Data Episode 05: Chelse Smiley, Windermere Real Estate Broker

Data Stories Episode 02 with Jared Endicott

Bold Women in Data Episode 01: Katy Gellert, VP of Global Reporting & Analytics at Iron Mountain

Bold Women in Data Episode 02: Jennifer Hobart

Bold Women in Data Episode 03: Udii Carsley

Data Stories Episode 01 with Jared Endicott and Noam Topaz

Bold Women in Data Episode 04: Torry Gower, VP Bellevue School District Chapter AISP, SEIU925

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Linkedin Live
Nov 17, 2022
Bold Women in Data Episode 05: Chelse Smiley, Windermere Real Estate Broker
Linkedin Live
Nov 17, 2022
Bold Women in Data Episode 05: Chelse Smiley, Windermere Real Estate Broker
Linkedin Live
Oct 20, 2022
Bold Women in Data Episode 04: Torry Gower, VP Bellevue School District Chapter AISP, SEIU925
Linkedin Live
Oct 13, 2022
Data Stories Episode 01 with Jared Endicott and Noam Topaz