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Unlock your workforce’s full potential with data-driven employee engagement solutions

High-performing employees are in tune with an organization’s mission and goals, engaged with their work and their teams, and motivated to excel.

Investing in an Employee Experience (EX) Program helps your organization not only get the best results and lowest turnover, but develop a culture of data-backed innovation and performance in the age of AI.

The best way to EX insights? A platform that collects and analyzes work habits and connections. We recommend Microsoft Viva - and we offer an introductory pilot to show you what it can do for your organization in just 90 days.

Drive growth through connected, tech-enabled people

Until recently, employee experience strategies have been missing a key ingredient: objective data. Recent interventions of technology, accelerated by AI, are changing that.

Employee experience data helps leaders not only improve metrics related to productivity and performance, but also better set and achieve organizational goals.
increased productivity in organizations with highly engaged employees
more likely to be a market leader when the org has clear goals and alignment
improved retention in orgs that intentionally invest in employee experience

Employee Experience
Services and Solutions

The ways in which we work have changed. In an intensely competitive and distributed world, organizations must prioritize an employee experience strategy in order to perform better, achieve goals faster, and reduce costly turnover.

We provide services and AI-enabled solutions to help you get the best from your employees - and give them an experience they won't want to leave.

Employee Retention

  • Employ personalized career development programs to foster long-term employee loyalty and satisfaction
  • Identify retention risks early and develop targeted inverventions using employee survey and performance data insights
  • Use feedback mechanisms to devise professional development programs that strengthen organizational commitment

Employee Engagement

  • Design and propogate an organizational culture and HAR practices focused on employee wellbeing and involvement
  • Implement robust recognition and rewards systems to enhance employees' sense of belonging and value
  • Employ change management strategies to increase employee adoption for new tools and processes
  • Use data and AI tooling to align employee aspirations with organizational goals

Employee Productivity

  • Find the right tools to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and reduce project completion time
  • Reduce manual tasks with AI tools so employees can focus on high-value work
  • Identify inefficiencies and provide targeted interventions for performance improvement
  • Upskill and reskill employees with tailored learning and development modules

Insights & Goal-Setting

  • Deploy advanced analytics and data visualization tools to transform employee feedback and performance metrics into insights for strategic planning
  • Implement tools like Microsoft Viva Insights and Viva Goals to inform and track organizational, team, and individual goals
  • Develop a goals management strategy and dashboard to see goals to completion
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We interview Kévin Bouchareb, Future of Work & HR Strategy Director at Ubisoft, about organizational transformation, gamification, and employee engagement programs.

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"The thing that I'm excited about most in 2024 is the priority our clients are putting on AI and the ways we can help them. It's more than just the technology, opportunity, and challenge. It's truly about how the organization molds itself within those and also brings its people along."

- Kevin Scott, Senior Director, Management Consulting Studio

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