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A partnership as unique and magical as, well...a snowflake.

Data is piling up. And its scale and speed only accelerate from here. Most organizations are struggling to store it all, let alone secure and use it. That's why we partner with Snowflake - to help you take advantage not only of data and cloud technologies, but of new AI technologies as well.

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Turn that ton of data into your single biggest asset.

At Launch, we've tried everything. Every cloud platform, every data analytics tool. When it comes to a comprehensive, cohesive platform that can accelerate your transformation so you can meet your goals - this is it. Snowflake is special. So when you need cutting-edge data solutions powered with big data, cloud, and AI/ML aptitudes, Launch and Snowflake are here to help you make it happen.

Launch + Snowflake helps you make sense of it all.

  • Snowflake supplies unmatched data management and analytics to demystify and streamline your complex data landscapes.

  • Launch leverages master Snowflake experts with our own hands-on guidance to tackle your data initiatives and cloud transitions.

  • Together, the team traverses the gap between potential and performance - helping you not only glean useful insights, but turn data into total transformation.

Our Snowflake Consulting Services

From streamlining data infrastructure to harnessing the power of advanced analytics, Launch is ready to help you channel the full power of your data and maximize your Snowflake investment across any sector.

Financial Services

Transform customer experiences, strengthen risk management, and power business workflows


Improve health outcomes, accelerate time to market, and enhance clinical and operational decision-making


Deliver personalized shopping experiences, optimize pricing strategies, improve supply chains, and monetize data


Enable data-informed government and enhance mission outcomes for citizens and municipalities

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Future State of Data Workshop

3 in 5 organizations use data analytics to drive business innovation. 92% of organizations have achieved measurable value from their data and analytics investments.

In this 2-3 hour workshop, our experts will help you envision your organization’s next 2-3 years of data transformation and set up an vision plan so you can make the investments that get you there.

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Purpose in Leadership

Jeff Frazier, VP and Head of Global Public Sector at Snowflake, discusses purpose in leadership, the role of data and public service, and his mission to improve the lives of others.

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