McDermott: Delivering Future Proof Solutions with Launch

Heat Stress Monitoring for Industrial Workers

Heat stress monitoring

Wrist monitor system

McDermott International is a premier, fully-integrated provider of technology, engineering, and construction solutions to the energy industry. Wanting to use Smart Space technology to leapfrog their competitors, McDermott launched a “Global Digital Yard” initiative, focused on Smart Assets, Materials Management, Integrated Operations, the Connected Worker, and Safety & Productivity.

As an initial step on the Journey, Launch was asked to develop a heat stress monitoring and early warning intervention system for industrial workers in high-stress environments.

Unprecedented insight

We leveraged ergonomic and PPE-compliant biometric monitoring equipment over an LTE connection to remotely analyze, in real-time, workers’ heart rates for signs of heat stress.

Construction site at sunset

The result was unprecedented insight into the real-time health and safety of McDermott’s workers.

Launch is now working on next-step Digital Yard projects, such as proximity sensing and alerting; and personnel tracking for mustering and worker safety during weather events.

An invaluable partner

When we have a problem to solve, Launch can leverage our experience and technical expertise to propose unique and innovative solutions —without handholding or prompting.

Worker welding

At the same time, McDermott has appreciated that each solution will fit within the vision of their larger goals and objectives.

Launch has become an invaluable partner for McDermott’s Digital Yard and Connected Worker initiative, creating quick and useful proofs of concepts, while also delivering ‘future proof’ solutions.