How to Save Your CFO 7 Waiting Hours A Day

Microsoft Daily Flash Report

Real-time reporting

For real-time decisions

Designing, architecting, and publishing a zero-defect Daily Revenue Flash for Microsoft’s CEO and CFO. Providing a Trillion-Dollar enterprise the data needed to make the RIGHT business decisions.

Microsoft needed to enable C-Suite to make real time business decisions by radically decreasing wait time for daily revenue flash, as well as improved data quality and security. This modernized user experience should have rich visualizations. Finally, Microsoft wanted to mature the model from descriptive to prescriptive.​

Leveraging databricks

Navigators at work

FD&E finance wanted to perform Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on High Impact Business data. Databricks was denied service, due to not being compliant or secure. Our FD&E infrastructure team analyzed Databricks, how it functions, how it would be used and leveraged, against corp data. With results being a diagram and process for installation that can be safe and usable for corp developer use. These efforts were approved and allowed for Databricks to be leveraged against Financial data. ​

Databricks flow chart
“Launch has cut CEO wait time for daily revenue flash by seven hours.”

Jun Hata
Sr. Finance Manager

Always on

The solution

Launch built a robust data & analytics platform that sources & integrates data on a repeatable, predictable, and reliable schedule which, in turn, powers an "always on" capability with reports, models, and insights delivered through the latest reporting & visualization technologies including a combination of Power BI, SSRS, Web/HTML, and Excel.​

Dashboard on a laptop

The results

  • Data as an actionable asset ​
  • Cut seven hours out of C-Suite wait time
  • Publish is secure
  • Programmatic validation has improved data quality and decreased manual audit time by equivalent of 31k people hours
  • Actual and trending result visualizations enable laser focus on what matters most​
  • $130B in 2019 revenue ​
  • Almost $4M revenue a DAY ​
  • 5B meeting minutes in a day on Teams 
  • Satya rated best CEO in US by employees of color*​

* Comparably Best CEOs forDiversity 2020 Survey