Microsoft US Business Sales Operations

Process Automation and Data Delivery Optimization


The Microsoft US subsidiary needed to introduce systemwide efficiencies to allow their sellers to focus their time selling to their customers, rather than on internal admin and reporting.


Launch audited the internal processes, programs, and reporting, and then provided streamlined solutions focused on five workstreams essential to the running of the US Subsidiary: CleanMAL, Employee/Field Assignment, Quota, Revenue Excellence, and Sales Operations Project Management (SOPM). The key to success was the accurate and timely delivery of data to management to inform decision making by Sales Leadership without impacting the time of the field sellers.


  • Field Assignment request processing time reduced 50% (from 4 days to 2 days in FY21)
  • Quota distribution completed early and accurately while flexibly increasing from 1 to 2 quota distribution cycles in FY21
  • Utilized BI Dashboards to produce actionable insights
  • Our cross-trained staff created agility and flexibility during peak seasons
  • Reduced HC cost while supporting 100%+ YoY increase in request volume
  • Facilitated quick adoption of new tools and process changes (e.g., AM Tool, Employee Assignment, Mint Studios), minimizing admin time for all field-facing personnel
  • Consistent favorable customer sentiment quarter over quarter