Patient Experience Portal

Client situation

In the US, when a patient receives a diagnosis of a disease, they remember about half of what they are told by the doctor. In a jumble of shock, worry, and medical terms, they of course turn to the internet for more information...but often search incorrect terms, causing frustration and increasing anxidety.

Our client, a digital product company focusing on enhancing the patient experience, wanted to help people navigate their diagnosis and healthcare journey with confidence. To do so, they wanted to build a product that would provide patients with all the information about their diagnosis, so they could educate themselves from a complete and reliable source.

They needed a product development team to design, build, deploy, and support the new product. So they came to Launch.

Our approach

Launch partnered with the client to deliver the product minimum viable product (MVP) on the Azure platform. Guided by their requirements, we drove the process from design through implementation of the system.

  • The team worked to create a product backlog to determine the feature set in the initial MVP.
  • We created workflows, defined the look and feel of the overall application, and created a tool that would be easy for patient to use.
  • We designed and built the solution architecture torequire zero on-premise footprint and used the Azure cloud, following strict HIPAA guidelines for security.
  • The front-end system was built on React and the back-end was built using .NET core using a microservices architecture.


Launch created the initial product MVP for the enhanced patient experience in the cloud. The system integrates with healthcare providers and a third-party system that provides the patient documentation. Deployed and managed within Azure and HIPAA-compliant, the product MVP sends over 50,000 reports per month and will increase as additional providers are onboarded.

Ultimately, the greatest equipment in any situation is information - especially in the case of a life-altering diagnosis. The ability to understand and refer to information about amedical condition is incredibly valuable for patients navigating the complex healthcare system when they aren't well. To empower people and give them agency in trying times - this is a product our client can really be proud of.