June 13, 2023

Cybersecurity: Sneak peek

On this episode of Navigating Forward, Mike Halstead and Creighton Adams from Launch Consulting kick off the Cybersecurity series with a sneak peek of what’s in store for the upcoming eight episodes — each focused on a different facet of today’s evolving cybersecurity environment. After introducing themselves, they’ll delve into why Navigating Forward is doing a deep dive into cybersecurity right now, and they’ll also share some info about the upcoming topics and what they hope listeners will take away from the series. To learn more about ways to improve your own cybersecurity posture, tune in each week for conversations with our special guests – and go to for even more information.


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Narrator: Cybersecurity is one of the most important and most complex aspects of modern business. Ransomware and other cyberattacks are skyrocketing. Millions of security jobs remain vacant, and in the age of AI, new opportunities and threats are growing quickly. In this special series from Navigating Forward, security and business experts from Launch Consulting explore the evolving landscape of cybersecurity across industries.

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Narrator: Along with a slate of distinguished guests, we’ll discuss how organizations can build healthy habits and practices that promote cyber resilience for the long haul. Join us as we uncover what businesses need to do now to prepare for what's coming next. This is Navigating Forward, the Cybersecurity series.

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Mike Halstead: Hi, I'm Mike Halstead, Managing Director of Cybersecurity at Launch Consulting. I've been in cybersecurity for 13-plus years, and I'm learning something new every day. I'm joined by my esteemed colleague from our Launch Consulting studios, Creighton Adams. Creighton, can you please introduce yourself?

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Creighton Adams: Greetings, everyone. I'm Creighton Adams, Senior Director of Cybersecurity. I've been in computers since age 11 with a 486 and Super Socket 7 AMD PR75. First job was around age 15 at medical clinics building a new exciting technology called Active Directory on Windows NT 5, also known as Windows 2000. I've always been up to something in general, such as construction, electrician, or a mechanic. And here forward, I've been working on enterprise systems engineering in a MITRE context, as well as the ATT&CK model for doing threat assessments, as well as computer installations across a whole wide enterprise such as data centers to NIST, ISO, and CIS frameworks. I enjoy building and testing the digital castles we make.

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Mike Halstead: Well, quite an exciting background, Creighton. Glad to have you on our wall for Launch Consulting. We're here to just tell you about an upcoming season of Launch Consulting’s Navigating Forward podcast. Starting next Tuesday, we're hosting a special eight-part series about cybersecurity, a critical requirement for every business, yet one that many aren't sure how to achieve.

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Creighton Adams: We've never done a specific series like this on the podcast before. Why is it so important to hit the topic of cybersecurity so hard right now?

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Mike Halstead: Great question, Creighton. We find ourselves in a remarkable time where the promises and perils of AI evoke both hope and fear. Furthermore, the intricate geopolitical landscape presents significant challenges to the cybersecurity of nation states with the potential collateral damages to the private industry. There's been a significant shift toward cloud adoption and reliance on third-party services. Unfortunately, this has expanded potential targets for malicious actors, thereby increasing the vulnerability of our systems.

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Mike Halstead: However, we're not all doomed, and you can still protect and secure your company's data and future by taking some basic steps to improve the health of your cybersecurity posture. The topic everyone wants to know about is clearly AI. We have several episodes that we touch on AI and what it means to cybersecurity. However, this topic will continue to evolve and Launch Consulting will be right there as a trusted AI partner.

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Mike Halstead: We've got some amazing guests coming in to talk about everything from understanding current security trends and risks to managing risks for third-party vendors and beyond. Creighton, what's one episode you're really looking forward to?

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Creighton Adams: Oh gosh, for an episode I'm looking forward to, that's hard to select. There are soft skill ones that we talk about to engagement management team members on how to be a success as well as a strong high tech, deep knowledge on how machine learning models work in the broad scope of cyber, an industry leader in that topic.

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Creighton Adams: I'll say the soft skills episode is probably what I would go with and why I say this is, to borrow the old adage, the soft stuff is the hard stuff in business management. Being that cyber is a community driven, I mean computers don't hack themselves, yet... I'd say, that is what I'll look forward to.

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Creighton Adams: Technology will follow. To do that, tune in to all of them, though. Podcasts, that is, for the full effect.

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Mike Halstead: Great. So, for the soft skills side of things, what is one thing you'd like listeners to come away with?

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Creighton Adams: Be well aware. Not only is it a great book, it's a great statement in general. Going back to security being a team sport, a group effort, remind everyone why we are in the teams that we're in, the businesses that we're in, the work that we're in. Look both ways before you cross the street. Look left, look right. And if there's a question on the table, ask it.

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Creighton Adams: If there are no questions, feel free to move forward and find answers. Everyone has to participate for security to be a success. And that's why we're here today is observations out in the field and what we're going to do to make it better. What about you, Mike? What's your one big takeaway you like to get across to our listeners?

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Mike Halstead: Creighton, I really hope that our listeners understand the urgency of why they should act now and not wait for a major cybersecurity incident or breach to significantly impact their organization. It's really pay now or pay significantly later. Ultimately, I hope every episode leads people one step closer to the path of good cyber hygiene, because if you get 80% of the way to perfect, your organization's immune system will be in much better shape.

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Mike Halstead: So, give us a follow wherever you listen to podcasts, and we'll see you right back here next Tuesday. Stay safe out there.

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