July 24, 2023

Navigating Forward: Forging the Future in Customer Experience

Launch Consulting guest hosts Sandra Niehaus and Neil Crist sit down with Chris Enslin, President of Eyefinity, and Charlie Biegel, Chief Operations Officer of Eyefinity on this episode: Forging the Future in Customer Experience. Eyefinity is a proven leader in the eye care industry. But the eye care industry, like much of healthcare, is built on outdated tech. Eyefinity set out to reimagine the eye care experience for millions of patients through innovative, modern technology. On this episode, we explore Eyefinity's challenges and success in navigating change, and learn firsthand what working alongside Launch Consulting to forge a seamless and satisfying customer experience is like. Alongside industry leaders, we share conversations on the challenges and innovations that come out with disruption, and real world examples of successful change. Presented by Launch Consulting and Navigating Forward, this is Navigating Together.


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