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Future State of Cybersecurity Workshop

Your road to cyber hygiene starts here.

Cybersecurity is 80% good habits. Tooling and training are imperative, but the first step to a risk management plan is understanding where you stand in the current security environment. What does your risk picture look like?
Where are your gaps? How will your org take advantage of AI in cybersecurity - and protect your teams against AI-enabled threats? The Future State of Cybersecurity Workshop helps you answer these questions and more.
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Why book this workshop?

This workshop is for you if:

  • You see an opportunity to improve your org's cyber posture, but are unclear on how to determine what the right tools are for your org
  • You're investing in cloud and data tools to help your org scale and want to ensure that your cyber program continues to support growth
  • You're looking to create a holistic cybersecurity movement in your organization that involves a mixture of tooling, people, and processes

Here's why now is the time:

  • In the hybrid-remote world we've settled into, every org is more cloud-dependent than ever - and that brings up new risks
  • Governments and regulatory bodies are ramping up new regulations and compliance requirements for more and more businesses
  • The AI revolution is about to massively impact cybersecurity. Deepfakes and other bot-enabled tools will test everyone's security, but AI also provides opportunities to improve security efficacy

Future State of Cybersecurity Workshop: What to expect

Sit down with the sharpest minds in security, cloud, and strategy for an interactive working session. During this 2-3 hour consultation, you'll envision your next 2-3 years of cybersecurity transformation.

You'll leave this workshop with:

1. A stated Future State of Cybersecurity vision your org can rally around

2. A Future State Guide outlining key areas of cybersecurity your org should focus on over the next 1-3 years

3. Clear next step(s) to get started on your cyber hygiene transformation
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Phase 1

  • We’ll start by capturing key elements of your Future State, balanced against the constraints of your organization
  • Next, we’ll use a framework to identify the most important things to do to reach that Future State

Phase 2

  • Priorities identified, we’ll move into planning mode with a journey mapping exercise
  • We'll define the key players who impact and influence your security measures, and determine where they're aligned and disconnected

Phase 3

  • Finally, we’ll conduct an assessment to determine your org’s readiness level for these next steps
  • We'll touch on the cornerstones of strategy, tech, processes, and, most importantly, people

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