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Informed Decisions For Global Communities

Technology is growing at a rapid pace. Launch Consulting’s Data for Good sector helps organizations navigate the vast data terrain to make better, safer, and more informed decisions for global communities.

Confidential Computing

Encryption Defense to Protect Your Data

How do you defend your data? Confidential Computing protects sensitive applications and data from being compromised or tampered with while in use by processing them in a completely isolated trusted execution environment (TEE), often referred to as a “secure enclave”. The secure enclave isolates the data and code in a secure region of the CPU memory to prevent unauthorized access, even if the infrastructure is compromised.
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Revolutionize Your Data

with BeeKeeperAI

If you could save a life, you’d do everything you could, right?

That’s why we are setting out to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Imagine the potential of end-to-end data and algorithm encryption, along with federated algorithm validation and training. Envision using AI and machine learning to rapidly identify life saving tactics for trauma patients. If you’re looking for a transformative roadmap to digitize your operations, we have the solution for you.

Real Time Verification for Every User, Every Time

As the world shifts into digital overdrive the need to create zero-trust environments are critical to meeting market needs. A Zero trust environment accelerates truly confidential computing to allow us to use, build, and scale data for life-changing circumstances - such as curing cancer, predicting the next global pandemic, preventing wildfires – and changing the future.
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Right now, building a zero-trust platform takes 3 years and $5 million. We’re doing it in half the time, for half the money.

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Accelerating healthcare AI through a secure collaboration platform for algorithm owners and data stewards
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Navigate Digital Safety Through Community and Connection

How important is safety for your platform? Organizations are increasingly inundated with unexpected, distressing, and often times dangerous content from trolls and criminals alike.

40% of users have abandoned a platform due to harassment.

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Digital Safety Assessment

Show your customers and teams how important digital safety is to your platform by transforming your moderation processes through data and AI.
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“Data informed strategies are sustainable and impactful. Knowing where we we are and where strive to be as an organization allows for aligned and ultimately successful programs.”
Lisa Thee
Sector Lead, Data For Good
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