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Transforming businesses through the power of AI and data.

Launch Consulting collaborates with leading partners in data and AI who understand the transformative power of advanced technologies. Together, we modernize business operations, resolve complex challenges, and elevate your organization to new heights.

Strategic partners for data-driven innovation.

When Launch collaborates with industry leaders like Microsoft, Palantir, and Snowflake, we seamlessly integrate advanced AI and data analytics to tackle complex operational challenges.

Each partner brings distinct expertise—Microsoft’s cloud solutions, Palantir’s data integration, and Snowflake’s data warehousing enhance our ability to deliver secure, innovative solutions.

This strategic collaboration not only optimizes operational efficiencies but also revolutionizes how businesses leverage data to drive growth and innovation, setting new industry standards.

Launch + Microsoft transform the future of work.

  • Microsoft offers trusted technology platforms that power real-time data solutions and deliver AI-enabled tools to enhance complex employee experience strategies.

  • Launch leverages Microsoft technology to drive change, analyze business performance, and devise strategic initiatives that propel your business forward.

  • Together, we develop innovative, tech-based solutions that embrace data and AI, boosting productivity, retention, connectivity, and employee engagement across organizations.

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Launch + Palantir supercharge your data.

  • Palantir accelerates Al adoption via their Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) which allows you to run LLMS and Al safely and securely in your own private networks, while Palantir Foundry creates real-time collaboration between data, analytics, and operational teams.

  • Launch provides expert data architects and engineers who are  Palantir-certified and ready to automate decision-making in complex environments.

  • Together, we establish real-time data connections and seamlessly perform transformations through the pipeline, ensuring ongoing critical decision-making is both continuous and effortless.

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Launch + Snowflake helps you make sense of it all.

  • Snowflake supplies unmatched data management and analytics to demystify and streamline your complex data landscapes.

  • Launch leverages master Snowflake experts with our own hands-on guidance to tackle your data initiatives and cloud transitions.

  • Together, the team traverses the gap between potential and performance - helping you not only glean useful insights, but turn data into total transformation.

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Our Joint Offerings

Alongside our collaborative projects, Launch and our partners offer specialized programs. Learn more about our AI Bootcamp with Palantir and our pilot with Microsoft Viva.


AI Bootcamp

Your opportunity to experience Generative AI in the context of your business, build live alongside Palantir and Launch SMEs, and deploy operational AI to solve your hardest problems.

In this 5-day bootcamp, you’ll get hands-on with LLMs and Generative AI and build a foundation to deploy a minimum viable product into production – while tackling the time-critical missions most important to you.

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Viva Pilot

Jumpstart your Employee Experience journey with an AI-enabled pilot with Microsoft Viva Insights and Viva Goals designed to get your team quick wins.

In just a short time, your organizational leadership and/or HR departments will unlock doors to better data-driven insights, reporting, and strategic goal-setting around your people - with an achieve attainable, bought-in plan for next steps.

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