Artificial Intelligence:
The Future is Here

The game has changed.
It's time to adopt AI First.

AI is reinventing what's possible for businesses to achieve. From intelligent process automation (IPA) in healthcare to generative AI in retail, AI is accelerating digital transformation and organizational impact for every industry and every human.

All organizations will benefit from adopting an AI First mindset. Using AI isn't theoretical anymore. At Launch, we transform large and growing companies through the power of applied AI.

Why go AI First?

AI is the most significant technological force of change since the advent of the internet. It can improve every function of a business, from financial operations to customer service to hiring and employee engagement - and there's a land grab coming.
of the United States GDP will come from the AI industry by 2030
higher worker productivity is a result of the efficiencies provided by AI solutions
6 in 10
business owners believe AI has the potential to improve customer relationships
of executives say generative AI will be transformative to their company and industry
97 million
people will be employed in jobs created by the AI industry by 2025
of companies say AI is a top priority in their business plans

AI Services and Solutions

When it comes to how to invest in AI, how do you start? Launch has helped organizations across industries leverage data, automation, machine learning, and more to revolutionize how they work across these four pillars of transformation:


Integrate advanced AI technologies into enterprise infrastructure, providing scalable and robust platforms that support a wide array of applications. A modernized platform enables you to collect, process, and analyze vast amounts of data, as well as develop and deploy AI-powered applications to drive innovation and enhance operational efficiency.

Case in point: How Carnival Cruise Line brought the IoT to sea with a first-of-its-kind AI-driven guest experience data platform

Intelligent Organization

Use AI to support automation, decision-making, and predictive analytics. AI-powered tools can analyze large quantities of data to uncover insights, trends, and patterns that help optimize organizational processes, increase productivity, and facilitate a data-driven approach to decision-making. That means you can be responsive and adaptable in the changing business landscape.

Case in point: How a Fortune 50 healthcare company used AI to improve third-party data accuracy by 167%

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Digital Products

Expand your markets and attract customers by creating intelligent applications and services. AI-powered digital products can be tailored to specific user needs and preferences, offering personalized recommendations, voice and chatbot support, and advanced analytics that improve the customer journey and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Case in point: How a global telecom company used AI to roll out a new ad platform for their customers in under six months - and made $2b

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Enhance customer experience and employee experience through real-time engagement and seamless interactions. AI-powered tools such as natural language processing, generative AI, and sentiment analysis help you deliver proactive and personalized content, understand customer emotions, and automate customer service processes. That means better results for your customers, driving loyalty to your company.

Case in point: How Starbucks made $4 billion with their AI-enabled Mobile Order & Pay app

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Is your organization AI ready?

AI transformation is holistic. It takes data and tech maturity, change management, a hiring and training plan, governance, and investment. Find your AI Readiness level with our free self-assessment:

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Learn More About Applied AI

"AI is transforming, and will continue to transform, nearly every aspect of business today. The scale and pace of change from AI has only begun. We're feeling the whiplash of this burst of innovation over the last few months, but the truth is: this is the new pace of change."

- Russ Whitman, CSO of The Planet Group

Featured Story: Microsoft Viva Nudge

Microsoft Viva Insights is a digital employee experience platform that uses AI to track and analyze employee engagement, collaboration patterns, and work habits, and provide insights to employees, managers, and organizational leaders. A longtime partner, Launch helped Microsoft build a new feature to increase proactive manager engagement for one of the world's largest retailers: Viva Nudge.

AI Transformation Workshop

Ready to create a real vision for your organization's next move with AI? Our 2-3 hour workshop helps you align your business goals with the power of AI so you can plan the next 2-3 years. Book today to meet with our chief AI experts!

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