Innovative work begins with
innovative people.

Meet the team that's inventing tomorrow.

Sandra Niehaus

Human Impact Studio Director

Damian Walkup

Energy & Sustainability Studio Director

Charlie Watters


Elida Harkleroad

Office Coordinator

Kim Hutton

Senior Director

Christine Tucker

Engagement Director

Sasha Pallot

Engagement Director

Lee Christofferson

Director, Multimedia Production

Casey Stenzel

Head of Finance

Shawn Shaffer

Engagement Manager

Evin Owen

Software Engineering Studio Director

Brock Ahlskog

Project Manager

Charlene Coleman

Modern Finance Sector Director

Chris Bourgea

Engagement Manager

Genie Tower

Sr. Partner, VP of Global Recruiting

Jared Endicott

Data & AI Studio Director

Justin Lohn


Lisa Thee

Data For Good Sector Director

Chad Holmes

Managing Partner, Healthcare Studio Director

Russ Whitman


Davood Ghods

Government Sector Director

Heinrich Montana


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