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AI Transformation Workshop

Your AI transformation starts here.

The impact of AI in today's organizations - not to mention everyday life - can't be overstated. It's disrupting traditional business models, transforming operational processes, and paving the way for growth and innovation...and it's not slowing down.
Every company on the planet must embrace AI to thrive in the coming years. That's the AI imperative. Whether you're just getting started or looking to apply AI in exciting new ways, our AI Transformation Workshop will help you accelerate toward your goals.
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Why book an AI transformation workshop?

This workshop is for you if:

  • You’re interested in understanding how other organizations are successfully applying AI
  • You're looking for ways to leverage AI to enhance your products and services and gain a competitive edge
  • You want to move beyond the AI hype cycle and start harnessing its potential to enable organizational growth

Here's why the time is now:

  • The age of AI is here, and it's moving rapidly - the leaders of the next decade are preparing right now
  • AI empowers organizations to personalize offerings, meaning you can deliver the engaging customer experiences people now expect
  • AI streamlines processes, improves efficiency, and enhances decision-making, so your organization come out on top sooner

Wondering if your org is prepared for AI transformation?
Try our free AI Readiness Self-Assessment and see where you rank!

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AI Transformation Workshop: what to expect

Sit down with the sharpest minds in data science,  strategy, and business process management for an interactive working session. During this 2-3 hour consultation, you'll envision your next 2-3 years of AI transformation.

You'll leave this workshop with:

1. A stated AI Transformation vision your org can rally around

2. An AI Transformation brief outlining key areas your org should focus on

3. Clear next step(s) to get started on your AI transformation
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Part 1

  • We’ll start by sharing our AI-related insights specific to your sector and the market
  • Next, we’ll identify key goals, opportunities and constraints for your organization

Part 2

  • We'll identify key users who can participate in your AI journey and help you understand how to activate them
  • Then, we'll determine what actions to take now and identify initiatives that can drive the most impact

Part 3

  • We'll develop a brief based on the workshop's output, providing tailored recommendations for your organization
  • Together, we'll connect the dots with your key stakeholders and changemakers

Why should we trust Launch when it comes to AI transformation?

Great question. Here’s some data from our 15-year history of helping clients across Sectors use data and AI to make magic happen.
+30% revenue
By modernizing their data platform and digital experience, we helped a global footwear retailer kick their earnings into high gear.
+167% accuracy
Through AI automation and ML, we helped a Fortune 50 healthcare insurer take their provider data from 36% highly accurate to 96% highly accurate.
-7 hrs per day
We helped a global tech institution turn financial data from across their global footprint into a single daily view for the CEO in minutes - saving 7 hours of executive wait time every day.
Here’s how we helped a global telecom giant create a new digital business based on customer data that made $2b in the first year...and built it in <6 months.
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